PokerGO’s reach getting longer

PokerGO has announced a new, expanded distribution partnership with YouTube, which could go a long way toward increasing the poker subscription streaming service’s visibility. In a Tuesday press release, PokerGO said that its content is now available on both YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels.

This does not mean that YouTube TV subscribers get PokerGO for free. You still have to subscribe to PokerGO if you want to watch its content; the benefit is that there are now more outlets on which to watch PokerGO, thus making it more convenient for the viewer. And, of course, YouTube TV And YouTube Primetime Channels give PokerGO all new sets of eyeballs that probably never heard of it before.

“We are thrilled to expand our relationship with YouTube and offer the full PokerGO service directly through YouTube TV and Primetime Channels,” said PokerGO’s president, Mori Eskandani. “PokerGO is home to the most-watched live and on-demand poker content across the globe and is committed to growing the game. The expanded deal means that poker’s best players, biggest events, and greatest moments will be showcased to more fans than ever before, and YouTube members who subscribe to the PokerGO channel will enjoy a top-tier viewing experience and unrivaled access to the game of poker.”

What are YouTube Primetime Channels?

Now, if you are like me, you saw “YouTube Primetime Channels” and have no idea what the heck that is. Though don’t have YouTube TV, I know what it is – in fact, my brother has it and swears by it. YouTube Primetime Channels, who knows? It’s actually pretty simple and a good move by YouTube. YouTube Primetime Channels are streaming subscription services you can access right on YouTube without having to use a different app or website.

In this case, you can subscribe to PokerGO just as you normally would, but you can watch all of the programming on YouTube. YouTube basically becomes a one-stop-shop for your streaming viewing – you can delete the extra bookmarks or mobile apps if you want and just watch everything on YouTube (provided the streaming service you have is part of YouTube Primetime Channels).

The highlight of PokerGO is, of course, its World Series of Poker broadcasts, but the service has loads of other events – most created and operated by PokerGO itself – that have become fairly prestigious, such as the PokerGO Cup, Poker Masters, and the Super High Roller Bowl.

PokerGO also has original content programming like the ever-popular “High Stakes Poker” as well as “High Stakes Duel” and “No Gamble, No Future.”

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