PokerStars loves its Spin & Go promotions. It also loves its Platinum Passes. So here they are combining the two. It’s like chocolate and peanut butter, though I’m not sure which would be more ruinous for my life. Everything in moderation. On Monday, the poker room has launched the “Spin & Go 10” promo to give players a chance to win a seat in the 2020 PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC).

To start, PokerStars customers must opt-in to the promotion. I know, I hate it, too. I can’t think of any reason to make people opt-in except to shut players out of the promotion if they aren’t aware of it.

After that, pick a Spin & Go 10 leaderboard and play ten Spin & Go’s from that leaderboard in a day. Any or all of the buy-in tiers can be played. If you want to play ten Spin & Go’s on two, three, or four leaderboards, that works.

The leaderboards are segmented as follows:

Micro – $1, $2 buy-ins
Low 2 – $5, $10 buy-ins
Mid 3 – $25, $50 buy-ins
High 4 – $100 buy-in and up

Each Spin & Go played will earn you points on the leaderboard. Points are based on the multiplier that is hit for the Spin & Go and your finishing position. Here is how the points breakdown, with points listed in order from first to third:

2x multiplier – 4, 2, 2
3x multiplier – 6, 3, 3
5x multiplier – 10, 5, 5
10x multiplier and up – 20, 10, 10

As you can see, second and third place are worth the same amount. Wins are worth double.

Only the first ten Spin & Go’s for a player per leaderboard count. Thus, the maximum number of points someone can earn is 200, for ten wins in Spin & Go’s with a 10x multiplier or higher. Of course, that’s completely unrealistic, as it’s nearly impossible to hit that high of a multiplier ten times in a row (and you would still have to win). The minimum number of points if all ten Spin & Go’s are played is 20 – ten third-place finishes with a 2x multiplier.

The top 50 players on each daily leaderboard will win cash prizes. The one exception is that the “High 4” leaderboard only pays down to 20th place, but the top prize there is $1,000.

If you do play a full set of ten Spin & Go’s in a day, you will earn a ticket into a weekly $10,000 freeroll. This can only be won once per week.

And, of course, as previewed at the beginning of this article, there is a Platinum Pass to be won. At the end of the promotion – it runs until February 2nd – the person who not only achieved the highest total score, but was the first to reach that score in the case of a tie, will receive a Platinum Pass.

The Platinum Pass includes a €22,500 buy-in to the PSPC 2020 event, six nights’ hotel for the winner and a guest at a five-star hotel in Barcelona, €1,250 expenses, and more.

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