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PokerTracker, the ever-popular online poker analysis software suite, recently released the public beta of its newest version, PokerTracker 4 (PT4). PT4 had previously been made available on a limited basis via the company’s private beta testing program, but now anyone can get their hands on this newest version to give it a spin before the final, commercial version is launched.

For those unfamiliar with PokerTracker, it is a software package which saves a player’s hand histories to a local database (on the player’s personal computer). The player can then use PokerTracker to review, analyze, and replay any and all hands from that database. The software suite has become an invaluable tool for many online poker players, as it provides scads of customizable reports and statistics to help even the best players spot leaks that they might not have otherwise seen. Virtually any data can be graphed, as well, allowing for a quick visual representation of a player’s success.

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of PokerTracker is the Heads-Up Display (HUD). With a HUD, players can view a set of customized statistics on every opponent, right there on the table as they play (provided the player has hand histories with those opponents). If an opponent is tight, the HUD user will know it right away. If he’s a calling station, the HUD user will have that info before he even gets involved in a hand during that session. The controversy comes down to whether or not people think using a HUD is “right” or in the “spirit of the game.” Some online poker players do not like that someone willing to pay money for PokerTracker can have automated reads on his opponents. To them, it gives too large of an advantage to experienced players over novices and recreational players. Plus, you can’t use software when playing live, so why should you be able to use it online? Proponents of HUDs feel that it is just a tool – it is what you make of it. It does not give anyone an inherent advantage, as you still need to use it properly. Additionally, everyone has access to it; it is not a tool reserved for only the elite or only the richest players. Just like poker books or training can be purchased and used by anyone, so can a software suite like PokerTracker.

PokerTracker 4 has most of the same features that customers grew to love in PokerTracker 3, but of course, many new features have been added and old ones have been improved upon. Here is a sampling of some of the newest features in PokerTracker 4:

•    PokerStars Zoom Poker support.
•    NoteTracker automated note system for the HUD.
•    New Vector HUD engine to keep the screen cleaner when using a HUD.
•    Preset HUD profiles as well as a new drag and drop HUD Profile Editor.
•    Global Player Scatter Graph to find statistical anomalies.
•    Easy drill-down on reports to view deeper layers with more detailed information.
•    LeakTracker statistical range analysis
•    ICM Analysis and Quizzes.
•    PokerTracker Themes to personalize the look of the software.
•    Social networking functions with YouTube video export.
•    Easier database maintenance.
•    Video guides to help new users.

Those interesting in taking PokerTracker 4 Beta for a spin can visit the PokerTracker website to request a beta code. The commercial version of PokerTracker 4 is scheduled to be released before the third quarter of this year.

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