A footnote in the Poker Players Alliance’s announcement last month regarding the change at the Executive Director position was that it would be polling its membership about how they felt about the PPA possibly expanding its scope into sports betting advocacy. The e-mails were sent out the next day and last week, the PPA published the results.

As one would expect, poker players were overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing sports betting. Frankly, it would be hypocritical if they weren’t. And most would support the PPA’s involving in pushing for sports betting’s legalization.

The results of the poll are reprinted below. One important thing to note that the Poker Players Alliance has not indicated whether or not it has made a decision on what it will do regarding sports betting – it simply published the survey results for all to see. One would think, though, that considering the response and considering that the PPA has been adamant that it needs money and needs money quickly, that it will probably decide to get into sports betting advocacy. The PPA sounds like it could use some more members willing to pony up some cash.

PPA Sports Betting Survey

1. Legalization of sports betting in the United States has been dominating the national headlines for the past several months and the U.S. Supreme Court is set to rule on a landmark sports betting case later this year. Are you familiar with the news and public interest in sports betting?

Yes – 72%
No – 20%
Unsure – 9%

2. In the past 12 months have you… (check all that apply)

• Placed a bet on a sporting event with a friend – 41%
• Participated in a sports betting game at a bar or tavern – 19%
• Placed a bet on a sporting event online using a computer, tablet or mobile device – 29%
• Participated in an office pool, grid, or bracket – 48%
• Placed a sports bet with a bookmaker or bookie – 10%
• Placed a bet at a sports book in a Nevada casino – 21%
• None of the above – 32%

3. Currently, federal law makes sports betting illegal almost everywhere in the country, except in Nevada. Do you support changing federal law so that a state can authorize sports betting?

Support – 92%
Oppose – 3%
Unsure – 5%

4. If federal law allows a state to offer sports betting, would you support legislation in your state to legalize sports betting?

Support – 92%
Oppose – 3%
Unsure – 5%

5. With the organized fight for poker is entering its 12th year, do you believe a PPA-led project in support of grassroots advocacy for sports betting legislation would inject new enthusiasm, volunteerism and donations (individual as well as corporate)?

Yes – 60%
No – 9%
Maybe – 31%

6. Given that there is not currently any organized consumer grassroots movement for sports betting, do you believe PPA has a good opportunity to take the lead in the push for legalized sports betting?

Yes – 69%
No – 9%
Maybe – 21%

7. Do you believe that, were PPA a significant stakeholder in the push for sports betting, that PPA’s ability to promote legislation licensing internet poker would improve?

Yes – 62%
No – 15%
Maybe – 22%

8. Would you support PPA expanding into advocacy for sports betting (online, bricks-and-mortar, kiosk-based, etc.) and casino style iGaming?

Yes – 68%
No – 17%
Maybe – 15%

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