September 8th – Daily Deal

On today’s Daily Deal, there’s a lawsuit brewing over the term “Mac Poker,” Hevad Khan and Gavin Griffin are out as PokerStars sponsored pros, and CrabMaki strikes gold on the opening day of the WCOOP. Stay tuned!!

Hello, I’m Sean Gibson and welcome to the Daily Deal by Poker News Daily.

Protos Marketing, the parent company of Poker News Daily that also owns and, is being sued for trademark infringement. The case, which has seen Protos Marketing shell out fifty thousand dollars in litigation fees already, is still pending. Michael Jackness, Protos Marketing’s Chairman of the Board, was named in the case. Jackness has since reached out to the Poker Affiliate Listings community to oppose the pending trademark application filed by Daniel Moravec of Best Odds Corporation.

Moravec argued that tramples upon his domain and his claimed trademark “Mac Poker.” Jackness explained on the Poker Affiliate Listings forum, “The [United States Patent and Trademark Office] has approved the application subject to the limitation that he would not have rights in the word ‘poker’ separate and apart from the entire mark. The mark has been published for opposition.” Jackness has a deadline of September twenty-fifth to file his opposition.

Turning to even more online poker news, Poker News Daily can confirm that Hevad Khan and Gavin Griffin are no longer sponsored pros of PokerStars. Griffin became poker’s first Triple Crown winner after taking down events on the World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour to go along with a World Series of Poker bracelet.

Khan, meanwhile, burst onto the scene following his lively antics during the two-thousand seven WSOP Main Event. His actions prompted a player celebration rule dubbed the “Hevad Khan Rule” due to his ape-like victory dances throughout the tournament. Khan wound up finishing sixth in the Main Event that year for nearly one million dollars.

Finally, CrabMaki took down Event number two of the ongoing PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker, a ten-thousand dollar buy-in No Limit Hold’em High Roller tournament. CrabMaki’s cash was the largest of the two-thousand ten WCOOP, which is now nine events old.

Landing in second on the leaderboard for Event number two was poker pro Ville Wahlbeck, who earned four-hundred fifty-three thousand dollars. Here’s how the richest tournament of the ongoing WCOOP shook out:

1. CrabMaki – $605,655
2. V. Wahlbeck – $453,850
3. bmwmcoupe – $344,300
4. Also11 – $258,225
5. Vick Is God – $178,410
6. LooneyGerbil – $137,720
7. sms9231 – $106,420
8. pokerjamers – $75,120
9. antesvante – $54,775

The Main Event of the 2010 WCOOP will take place on Sunday, September twenty-sixth. The tournament boasts a five-thousand dollar buy-in and guarantees a whopping ten million dollars. But don’t count on winning it all … because I’m planning on doing that myself! HA!

On that pipe dream of a note, that does it for today’s daily deal and encourage you to visit poker news daily dot com throughout your day for the latest poker headlines. I’m Sean Gibson and until next time, flop some sets!

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