September 9th – Daily Deal

On today’s edition of the Daily Deal, Prahlad Friedman comes clean on ESPN, PartyPoker interviews Tom Dwan about the Million Dollar Challenge, and the Bodog Poker Open is back! It’s all ahead right now!

Hello, I’m Sean Gibson and welcome to the Daily Deal by Poker News Daily.

The much-hyped hand between Prahlad Friedman and Ted Bort during Day Two-B of the two-thousand ten World Series of Poker Main Event took center stage on this week’s installment of ESPN “Inside Deal.” Friedman joined the show via phone to come clean.

Friedman confirmed that he called before the clock reached zero, but floor officials ruled his hand dead at the count of one. Many in the online community have speculated that Friedman was merely angle-shooting, but he insisted that wasn’t the case. After saying that he held nine-five for two pair, Friedman admitted,

“It was very hard to lay down two pair to a guy like this because he could be really excited about a hand that’s a really good one pair. I believed him, but I didn’t know what he thought was a big hand. I was basically stumped on what to do, which is why I called at the last second.”

As soon as Bort turned over jack-nine for top two pair, Friedman mucked. You can catch the entire interview on as new episodes of Inside Deal are released every Tuesday.

PartyPoker’s cameras caught up with internet phenom Tom Dwan during the World Open in London in recent days. An interview posted on PartyPoker’s website featured the ongoing Durrrr Challenge with Dan “JungleMan12” Cates. When will we see the next action in the second Durrrr Challenge, you ask? Dwan told PartyPoker,

“I can’t play in the next three days, but I’d like to play sometime the week after that before the World Series Europe starts, but I’m not sure how much time I’ll have. The last few days, I was just traveling to Europe and then right before World Series Europe, [Cates will] be traveling here and we’ll both be playing a bunch… It might be a few weeks, but we’ll see.”

Dwan is down nearly seven-hundred thousand dollars against Cates after just seven-thousand hands of the fifty thousand required for completion, so there’s still plenty of time left. Check out our sister site,, for updates.

Finally, the Bodog Poker Open Championship Series begins on September twenty-sixth with a one-hundred nine dollar No Limit Hold’em event with fifteen thousand dollars added to the prize pool. In total, the BPO Championship Series preliminary events will offer more than fifty-five thousand dollars in added and guaranteed cash. The Main Event on October third will have a guaranteed prize pool of two-hundred thousand dollars.

For players that don’t have the bankroll to take part in the Championship Series, Bodog will be offering a Contender Series with drastically smaller buy-ins. Oh yeah, there’s still plenty of money to be had in the Contender Series. In fact, the eight Contender Series Events offer more than thirty-five thousand dollars in guaranteed cash.

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