The online crusher crushed yet again. On Tuesday, Simon Mattsson went into the final table of the 2022 WSOP Online Main Event on GGPoker as the chip leader and finished as the only one with chips, winning nearly $2.8 million and an official World Series of Poker gold bracelet.

Mattsson, who is best known by the screen name “C. Darwin2” online, is, according to PocketFives, the most prolific tournament player in online poker history. He has over 7,000 recorded cashes and has earned more than $27.6 million, the latter the most of any player ever. Mattsson is currently ranked number one on PocketFives.

This was the biggest score of Mattson’s career. It comes just three weeks after he won his first-ever PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) tournament.

The short stack going into the final table, Tim Rutherford, was the first to be eliminated. He made a valiant effort with A-Q, but was no match for Feng Zhao’s Kings.

Oliver Sprason and Jordan Spurlin then went out on back-to-back hands, both knocked out by Kannapong Thanarattrakul.

Zhao did more damage, crippling his fellow competitor from China, Yanfei Chi, who was then eliminated by Samuel Vousden in sixth place.

Istvan Briski was the next to go when his bold move backfired. Mattsson had raised to 4 million pre-flop (min-raise at that point in the tournament) and Briski upped that to 6 million with just K-8 suited, leaving only about 1.6 million behind. Unfortunately for Briski, Zhao had pocket Aces. He re-raised it all the way to 16 million, forcing Mattsson out, and let’s just say that was all she wrote for Briski.

Thanarattrakul continued his roll, sending Vousden to the rail in fourth place. Thanarattrakul had A-J and Vousden had Sixes, but Thanarattrakul caught a flush on the flop and Vousden couldn’t catch up.

Zhao was finally knocked out by Mattsson in third place, who went into heads-up against Thanarattrakul with a 183.8 million to 115.0 million chip lead.

Mattsson extended the lead early when Thanarattrakul couldn’t hit a straight draw and from there, it was just a matter of time. On the final hand, Thanarattrakul raised to 9 million pre-flop with J-T of clubs and Mattsson called with 5-6 of clubs. The flop was T-7-4, giving Thanarattrakul top pair and Mattsson an open-ended straight draw. Thanarattrakul bet a little more than 6 million and Mattsson called. The three of clubs on the turn was just what Mattsson needed, giving him a straight, though a flush was now in play, which would benefit Thanarattrakul.

Thanarattrakul bet 12.6 million and Mattsson sat content and simply called. The river was another 7 and not a club, so Mattsson had the best hand and knew it. Thanarattrakul shoved for 44.6 million with his two pair, Mattsson made a quick a call, and it was over.

2022 World Series of Poker Online (GGPoker) Main Event – Final Table Results

  1. Simon Mattsson – $2,793,574
  2. Kannapong Thanarattrakul – $2,094,884
  3. Feng Zhao – $1,570,941
  4. Samuel Vousden – $1,178,040
  5. Istvan Briski – $883,404
  6. Yanfei Chi – $662,459
  7. Jordan Spurlin – $496,774
  8. Oliver Sprason – $372,529
  9. Tim Rutherford – $279,357

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