Soccer (er…football) fans around the world are jacked for the start of the FIFA World Cup tomorrow and as online poker players might have expected, PokerStars is running a special Spin & Goal promotion to celebrate. And it’s called – obviously – Spin & Goal.

As is the case with every Spin & Go…spin-off…Spin & Goal is still just a regular Spin & Go with different prizes and price point. The somewhat interesting part about Spin & Goal, though, is that there are two versions of it.

“Standard” Spin & Goal

The first is what you would expect: a football (soccer, I don’t know) themed Spin & Go with lots of small to small-ish prizes and a handful of big ones. The buy-in for these tourneys is $5. Players can also receive free tickets via hourly freerolls. Though the freerolls are hourly, there actually aren’t that many chances for players to win, as you can’t just enter freerolls whenever you want – you have to have a freeroll ticket. Those tickets can be earned either by being a new customer as of June 1st or by entering a special code (check the Stars website) for existing players. And that’s it. New customers get five tickets, existing customers get two; the top ten finishers in each freeroll win a single $5 Spin & Goal.

But the tournaments only cost $5, so whatever.

Here is the payout table:

$1,200,000 – 1 in 10,000,000
$1,200 – 250 in 10,000,000
$600 – 1,000 in 10,000,000
$125 – 10,000 in 10,000,000
$50 – 50,000 in 10,000,000
$30 – 500,000 in 10,000,000
$20 – 2,276,251 in 10,000,000
$10 – 7,162,498 in 10,000,000

Spin & Goal Dream Trip

The second version of the Spin & Goal is called Spin & Goal Dream Trip. These are completely free, but again, free tickets are limited. New players are given tickets and existing players can enter a code to get two of them. That’s it for the guaranteed entries. Almost every prize in the Spin & Goal Dream Trip tournaments will be either another free ticket or the chance to win another, so it will be possible to play again if you win the Spin & Go.

The top prize is a $5,000 package to either use toward a vacation or for a “hospitality package” to a major sporting event. What this hospitality package is not completely described, but it’s probably tickets to, for example, the Super Bowl, with travel, lodging, and some extras paid for by PokerStars.

The second best prize is a $2,000 vacation. Odds are slim to none for each of these. Here is the complete rundown:

Dream Trip Gold Package – Worth $5,000, use it towards a holiday wherever you want, or a hospitality package to a major sporting event. – 2 in 100,000
Dream Trip Silver Package – A $2,000 holiday voucher. – 5 in 100,000
Spin & Goal All-In Shootout Ticket – Daily tournament in which 80 top finishers will receive $5 Spin & Goal tickets. – 50,000 in 100,000
Spin & Goal Dream Trip Ticket – Win a ticket to play another Spin & Goal Dream Trip tournament. – 49,993 in 100,000

The Spin & Goal promo runs through July 24th.

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