Tony Dunst won the 2020 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online Event #21: $777 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed on Tuesday night, nabbing $168,342.09 for the victory. Using the screen name “Panoramic,” Dunst outlasted 848 opponents; the 849 total entries and 512 re-buys grew the prize pool to $952,700.

This is Dunst’s second career bracelet – he won his first in $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em in 2016. It was almost his third; he was runner-up in a $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em event last year. Had this tournament counted as a live tournament (which it of course would not, since it is online, but you know what I mean), it would have taken his career live earnings over $4 million. As it stands, Dunst has won $3.84 million in live tournaments.

It is a happy bit of coincidence, too, that Dunst won his WSOP bracelet Tuesday night, as it was the same day that the World Poker Tour honored Mike Sexton, the legend Dunst replaced in the WPT broadcast booth, by naming the WPT Champions Cup after him.

Dunst entered the six-handed final table with a massive chip lead, holding about 8.44 million chips. His closest competitor, James “paymycollege” Pace, had 4.02 million. For the most part, the final table was a stroll for Dunst.

He eliminated Jon “havuuuuuc” Turner in sixth place after Turner re-raised all-in pre-flop with A-9. Dunst had K-J suited and flopped a Jack to take the pot. He then knocked out Krista “Pollux” Gifford in fifth place with a dominant K-K versus K-T.

It wasn’t as much of a runaway as it looked like it was going to be going into heads-up, as Dunst was “only” ahead by 6 million chips, 13.21 million to 7.21 million.

It only took about ten minutes for him to finish the job, though. On the final hand, Pace limped pre-flop and Dunst checked to see a flop of 5s-7s-4d. Dunst bet 200,000 and Pace made the call, bringing out the 3s on the turn. The flush was out there, as were straight and straight flush possibilities. Dunst checked, Pace bet 425,000, and then Dunst raised to 1.6 million. Pace called.

The river was the Qh and Dunst bet 3.2 million. Pace shoved all-in for 8.24 million and Dunst quickly called.

Pace had Qs-6c for a straight, but Dunst held Js-8s for the turned straight and his second career gold bracelet.

2020 World Series of Poker Online Event #21 – Final Table Results

  1. Tony “Panoramic” Dunst – $168,342
  2. James “paymycollege” Pace – $103,940
  3. Alec “Tango_Bravo” Parslow – $72,215
  4. Charles “ilosestackz” Phillips – $50,779
  5. Krista “Pollux” Gifford – $36,203
  6. Jon “havuuuuuc” Turner – $26,199

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