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Nearly becoming the newest member of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event November Nine was pro Adam “Roothlus” Levy. The Los Angeles native finished 12th in poker’s most prestigious tournament over the weekend and collected a hefty $635,000 payday.

Levy was largely quiet during his final day in the 2010 WSOP Main Event as the road to the November Nine neared its end. Levy moved all-in under-the-gun for nearly four million with K-Q offsuit and Jonathan Duhamel, the chip leader entering the final table, peeked down at pocket rockets and made the call.

The flop of 10-6-3 provided no help to the wily tournament veteran, but a king on the turn gave him hope in cracking Duhamel’s aces. Needing to spike a king or queen on the river to stay alive, Levy and his throng of fans watched in dismay as a harmless deuce peeled off. The soccer aficionado finished with four cashes during the 2010 WSOP and moved his career earnings from the annual Las Vegas tournament series north of $850,000.

Prior to his run in this year’s $10,000 buy-in feature tournament, Levy was perhaps best known for finishing 48th in the 2008 Main Event. That year, he picked up $135,000 for his efforts. Levy has never final tabled a WSOP tournament, but has landed in 12th place twice, once in the 2010 Main Event and once two years prior in a $1,000 No Limit Hold’em with Rebuys contest.

An ESPN camera crew tailed Levy to the exit of the Amazon Room. According to, Levy doubled up early during Saturday’s action and then went card dead, choosing to move in his remaining stack with the best hand he had picked up in a while. Levy Twittered after his elimination, “Thanks to everyone for following me throughout this wonderful experience. Came so close, get ’em next year!” He was last seen grinding Sunday tournaments online.

Also excelling in the 2010 WSOP Main Event was Eric “basebaldy” Baldwin, who landed in 59th and earned $138,000. After a raise from Pascal LeFrancois and a call from Brandon Steven pre-flop, Baldwin squeezed his chips in with K-8 of diamonds from the big blind. LeFrancois made the call with pocket nines and immediately hit a set on a flop of 9-5-6.  The turn was a king and the river was a deuce, sending Baldwin out of the Main Event.

Baldwin is featured in the July 26th issue of “ESPN: The Magazine” and Twittered a hearty thank you to his loyal followers during his storied Main Event run: “Out of the WSOP Main Event in 59th place for $138k. Thanks for the support.” Like Levy, Baldwin recorded four in the money finishes during the 2010 WSOP. Last year, the Wisconsin native won a bracelet in a $1,500 No Limit Hold’em tournament and, one week later, finished third in the World Championship of Pot Limit Hold’em. All told, he has over $1.1 million in lifetime WSOP earnings. qualifier Christopher Bolt took 53rd place in the Main Event, collecting $168,00. The Murfreesboro, Tennessee native was one of two satellite winners to stamp their tickets to the Las Vegas tournament through the USA-friendly CEREUS Network site, as taking 67th was Oman’s Meenaskshi Subramaniam. His cash was good for $114,000, bringing a considerable amount of exposure to and the Middle Eastern country in the waning days of the Main Event.

Jared Ingles, who purportedly signed an agreement to play in the Main Event under the banner, turned out to the feature table on Day 6 donning the familiar red and black PokerStars logo. Ingles finished in 56th place for $138,000 and hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Visit to play with Baldwin, Levy, and the rest of the gang like Annie Duke, Phil Hellmuth, and Joe Sebok. Remember, the site happily accepts players from the United States.

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