The World Poker Tour is at King’s Resort in Rozvadov, Czech Republic for WPT…Germany? Yes, the WPT Germany Main Event is underway, with the second of three starting flights coming to a close Wednesday. Laszlo Papai goes into Day 2 as the chip leader, coming out of Day 1A with 246,900 chips.

Josef Gulas, the Day 1B chip leader, is in second with 216,300 and Farukh Tach is not far behind with 211,100.

WPT Germany is a relatively small Main Event compared to other World Poker Tour stops to this point. Day 1A fielded 72 entries and Day 1B saw 82 sign up. A total of 70 players of the original 154 entries have advanced to Thursday’s Day 2. There is still a third starting flight, though, and as final flights are almost always the largest, there is still an opportunity for the field to get quite large. Registration is also open until after the second level on Day 2.

This is the inaugural WPT Germany, the first World Poker Tour Main Tour stop at King’s Resort. The casino is arguably the hottest venue for poker in Europe at the moment. It previously hosted a WPT DeepStacks stop and will again this year. King’s Resort, has also locked itself in as the home of the World Series of Poker Europe for the foreseeable future. Makes sense, considering it has the largest poker room on the continent.

And yes, it is strange that it is called WPT Germany when it is really in the Czech Republic. The reason for that, I suppose, is that Rozvadov is right on the German border. I guess WPT Germany is catchier than WPT Czech Republic? I mean, Detroit, Michigan is on the Canadian border, but its National Football League team is not called the Canada Lions. It’s Major League Baseball team isn’t the Windsor Tigers.

But hey, whatever floats the World Poker Tour’s boat.

Day 1C begins at noon local time on Thursday. Just like the first two flights, players will compete for eight levels before calling it a night.

World Poker Tour Germany – Day 1A Chip Leaders

  1. Laszlo Papai – 246,900
  2. Farukh Tach – 211,100
  3. Peter Jaksland – 197,100
  4. Adam Krol – 166,400
  5. Tom Hall – 142,700
  6. Ricardas Vymeris – 133,900
  7. Jonas Lauck – 103,100
  8. Oleg Netaliev – 102,000
  9. Danny De Graaf – 97,200
  10. Timur Azizov – 96,300

World Poker Tour Germany – Day 1B Chip Leaders

  1. Josef Gulas – 216,300
  2. Marian Dumitrache – 188,000
  3. Daniil Kiselev – 153,800
  4. Tiziano Di Romualdo – 136,000
  5. Maxim Panyak – 127,900
  6. Christian Bauer – 121,100
  7. Pasquale Grimaldi – 120,000
  8. Karim Feddag – 119,900
  9. Severin Schleser – 117,800
  10. Omar Lakhdari – 111,400

World Poker Tour Germany – Overall Day 1 Chip Leaders

  1. Laszlo Papai – 246,900
  2. Josef Gulas – 216,300
  3. Farukh Tach – 211,100
  4. Peter Jaksland – 197,100
  5. Marian Dumitrache – 188,000
  6. Adam Krol – 166,400
  7. Daniil Kiselev – 153,800
  8. Tom Hall – 142,700
  9. Tiziano Di Romualdo – 136,000
  10. Ricardas Vymeris – 133,900

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