The World Poker Tour (WPT) Maryland at Live! Casino Main Event final table has been set and for the first time all tournament, Brian Altman is not the chip leader at the end of a day. That’s not to say he’s in bad shape, though, as Altman is still in a solid second position going into the six-handed final table. Replacing Altman atop the standings is Stephen Deutsch, who has 7.975 million chips.

Anything can happen at a final table – it takes just one or two big hands to completely change things up – but at the outset, it looks like a two horse race between Deutsch and Altman. Altman is a ways behind Deutsch with 5.760 million chips, but there is a gulf after the two of the them to the other four players. In third is Robert McLaughlin with 2.935 million, nearly 3 million behind Altman. Nitis Udornpim has just 1.220 million and former WPT Player of the Year Anthony Zinno barely has more than a million chips. Jeffrey Colpitts is the shortest stack at the final table with 860,000.

Altman was in the lead fairly late on Day 3, but a big hand against Deutsch turned the tables. Deutsch raised to 65,000 pre-flop (blinds 15,000/30,000 with a 30,000 chip ante) and Altman called. On the flop of 8-3-6 rainbow, Altman checked, Deutsch bet 60,000, and then Altman check-raised to 200,000.

Deutsch made the call and when a 4 was dealt on the turn, Altman bet 375,000 and Deutsch again called.

The river was a 5 and Deutsch called a 525,000 chip bet from Altman.

Altman had 8-6 for a flopped two pair, but Deutsch had 7-4 for a rivered straight. At the time, that took Deutsch up to 6.855 million, while Altman’s stack fell to 5.320 million.

Stephen Deutsch is gunning for his first World Poker Tour title. He has four lifetime cashes on the Tour, totaling just over $50,000. Overall, he has more than $400,000 in live tournament cashes in his career. His largest cash was for $133,687 when he won the PPC Aruba World Championship in 2016.

Aside from the money, this final table is also a big deal for Altman. He is not only trying to win his second World Poker Tour title, but if he wins, he will pull into a three-way tie with Donald Maloney and Aaron Van Blarcum for the Player of the Year lead.

If Anthony Zinno wins – and he has a major uphill climb ahead of him – it will be his fourth WPT title, tying him for the most all time with Darren Elias.

2019 World Poker Tour Maryland at Live! Casino Main Event – Final Table Standings

  1. Stephen Deutsch – 7,975,000
  2. Brian Altman – 5,760,000
  3. Robert McLaughlin – 2,935,000
  4. Nitis Udornpim – 1,220,000
  5. Anthony Zinno – 1,025,000
  6. Jeffrey Colpitts – 860,000

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