The televised final table has been set at the World Poker Tour (WPT) Montreal Main Event as just six players remain at the Playground Club de Poker. Right now, it looks like a two-man race, with Dongwoo Ko entering Wednesday’s action as the chip leader, holding 15.100 million chips, and Tommy Nguyen in second with 11.725 million.

After the two leaders, it’s a large gap to the rest of the field. Ko has nearly as many chips as third through sixth combined; Nguyen has more than twice the chips as third and fourth.

Tamer Alkamli and Rayan Chamas are those third and fourth players, with 5.575 million and 5.225 million chips, respectively. Dan Stavila has 3.775 million and Charles Kassin is the short stack to begin the final table with 2.700 million.

Stavila is likely not sweating the WPT Montreal final table, as he is the unique position of also competing at the WPT Prime Montreal final table on Tuesday. As this is being written, he is the chip leader.

Ko, Stavila, and Nguyen are also in contention in WPT Global’s “last longer” competition, three of 71 players who qualified for the promotion. Whichever of the trio is the last one standing, even if he doesn’t win the tournament, will receive a CAD$10,000 prize package, comprised of CAD$3,000 in cash and CAD$7,000 in WPT Global tickets. The runner-up will get an online entry into the USD $3,500 WPT Championship in the WPT Global Spring Festival.

One of the more interesting hands of the night came with just ten players remaining. According to’s report, Ko raised pre-flop to 140,000, Carlos Correa (not the baseball player) called from the small blind, and Chamas called from the big blind. On the flop of 9h-6h-2d, the blinds checked, Ko bet 160,000, Correa called, and then Chamas raised to 720,000.

Ko used a time chip before calling and Correa used all of his allotted time before calling, as well.

The turn was the 7c, prompting Correa to check, but not before draining three time chips. Chamas then bet 920,000, continuing his aggression from the flop, forcing a fold from Ko. Correa pondered his move a bit and called.

The 9d came on the river, putting a pair on the board. Correa checked and Chamas shoved for 2.840 million chips. Correa used all six of his remaining time chips before finally folding. Chamas flipped over 6c-5d for just a pair (technically two pair). Correa told him, “I was bluff-catching with an Ace,” revealing that he had Ah-Th. He thought Chamas might be bluffing and was tempted to make the call with just Ace-high after missing all his draws, but thought better of it.

The six finalists will return to action at 4:00pm ET on Wednesday to battle it out for the title.

WPT Montreal Main Event – Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Dongwoo Ko – 15,100,000   
  2. Tommy Nguyen – 11,725,000             
  3. Tamer Alkamli – 5,575,000   
  4. Rayan Chamas – 5,225,000  
  5. Dan Stavila – 3,775,000         
  6. Charles Kassin – 2,700,000

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