One of the things I find both idiotic and painfully endearing about poker players is how they are seemingly willing to make prop bets on anything at any time. World Poker Tour television host Vince Van Patten was once one of these types of people and has co-written a feature film with Steve Alper called Walk to Vegas, based on things he really did in his life as a gambler. Last week, the World Poker Tour announced that it agreed to a partnership with the film.

Partnership Details Cloudy

“The WPT is thrilled to announce our partnership with Walk to Vegas and Vince Van Patten, the longest-running commentator in poker, as he brings this true story to life on the big screen,” World Poker Tour CEO Adam Pliska in a press release. “With a high-quality cast and a team of exceptional filmmakers, Walk to Vegas tells the story of one of the greatest wagers ever made. As the premier name in internationally televised gaming and entertainment, the World Poker Tour is committed to helping market the film to its millions of viewers and fans around the world.”

Other than that, nothing was explained as to what exactly the partnership entails. As Pliska mentioned that the WPT was “committed to helping market the film,” one might guess that it will be provide some airtime for advertisements during WPT telecasts or perhaps throw some ads on its website or online poker room.

I’m Intrigued

Van Patten stars in Walk to Vegas as Duke, a high-stakes gambler who took advantage of Hollywood whales who would bet on anything and were terrible at poker. Through some set of circumstances, he goes broke and comes to make a prop bet with a big-time director (who is also Duke’s biggest poker fish) that, for a million dollars, Duke would walk from Hollywood to Las Vegas in seven days.

Honestly, my expectations aren’t extremely high, namely because it is and independent film revolving around gambling and poker and how many gambling/poker movies have ever been any good? I just caught the end of Lucky You on television yesterday and realized I barely remembered anything about it.

I will say this, though: the trailer makes it look like it could be pretty entertaining. It has one of those casts with loads of actors where you say, “hey, I know that guy…he’s good…I just don’t know his name,” which can work well. Quality actors, but not such gigantic names that it distracts you. Naturally, some people from the poker world are in the film, including Jennifer Tilly (an Academy Award nominee) and Phil Laak.

According to IMDB, Antonio Esfandiari and Van Patten’s long-time television partner, Mike Sexton, are also in the film.

“We are very excited to be collaborating with the World Poker Tour,” Van Patten said. “It has always been a dream of mine to make this movie, and it brings me such great honor to have the support and commitment of the WPT.”

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