The focus of the poker world is on the Bahamas right now and the $25,000 PokerStars Players Championship, but the World Series of Poker doesn’t want us to forget the granddaddy of them all. On Wednesday, the WSOP released the dates of thirteen more events for the 50th anniversary of the annual poker festival.

Several of the tournaments in this batch are some of the very popular closed events, such as the $500 buy-in Casino Employees Event, the $1,000 Super Seniors, and the $1,000 Ladies Event.* Double Stack, Little One for One Drop, and the Marathon Event are also back for 2019.

A new event, starting on July 1st and running for two days is the $1,000 Mini Main Event. It is a warm-up of sorts for the $10,000 Main Event, starting two days before the showcase. It will mimic the structure of the Main Event except that the blind levels will be just 30 minutes long, as opposed to two hours (it would be tough to have the tournament be just two days with regular-length levels).

The Colossus is also returning, but it has been altered. It is just a two-flight event now, with the lowest buy-in in WSOP history: $400. It is also being pushed back nearly a month; all these changes are to make way for the $500 Big 50 event.

Below is a list of the most recent event reveals for the 2019 World Series of Poker. The complete schedule is expected sometime in the first quarter of the year.

May 29 Casino Employees $500 25,000 40 minutes 1 11am
June 4 Super Turbo Bounty $1,000 20,000 20 minutes None 10am
June 9 Double Stack $1,000 40,000 30/40 minutes 1 11am
June 10 Marathon $2,620 26,200 100 minutes None 12 noon
June 17 Super Seniors 60+ $1,000 20,000 60 minutes 1 10am
June 20 Ladies $10,000/$1,000 20,000 60 minutes 1 11am
June 24 Super Turbo Bounty $1,500 25,000 20 minutes None 10am
June 24 Tag Team

2-4 person teams

$1,000/Team 20,000 60 minutes None 12 noon
June 26 Colossus – Flight A $400 40,000 40 minutes 1/flight 10am
June 27 “ Flight B 10am
July 1 Mini Main Event $1,000 60,000 30 minutes None 11am
July 6 Little One for One Drop – Flight A $1,000+$111 40,000 60 minutes Unlimited 11am
July 7 Flight B 11am
July 8 Flight C 11am
July 11 Double Stack $1,500 50,000 30/40 minutes Unlimited 11am
July 12 The Closer – Flight A $1,500 25,000 30 minutes Unlimited 11am
July 13 Flight B 11am
July 14 Flight C 11am

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