Ken Strauss, the man who was disqualified from Day 1C of the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event for revealing his nether region and throwing his shoe on the table, is in some hotter water. On July 27th, Strauss was arrested for tweeting threats against two Las Vegas casinos and last week was indicted for making threats or conveying false information concerning an act of terrorism.

Step away from the computer

In the concerning tweet, Strauss wrote, “Shootings are taking place all over Las Vegas. Please leave me alone @VenetianVegas I have no place to go currently. And all Casinos that have me banned will be destroyed effective immediately. And @Rio, get my belongings together immediately when @POTUS declares safe I’m going.”

That was just one of a few bizarre tweets that day. Feel free to look up his Twitter account if you want to check them out.

He was arrested the same day he posted the threat. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney Pete Thunell said Strauss mumbled “kill them all” during his apprehension.

Chief US District Judge Linda Bell of the US District Court for the District of Nevada set bail at $150,000 and ordered a risk assessment.

Strauss is a Pittsburgh sports super fan whose Twitter posts before his WSOP incident were mostly pictures of himself posing for pictures at sporting events. Since then, he has gone off the rails, with most of his posts making no sense at all.

His reputation precedes him

He rose to the consciousness of the poker community when he moved all-in blind during a hand on Day 1C of the Main Event. While the one opponent left in the hand was thinking, Strauss stepped away from the table and pulled down his pants, exposing his ass to his table and his dick and balls to another. After pulling up his pants, he then took off left shoe and sock, followed by his right shoe, which he launched onto the table. It bounced and actually hit the player who was pondering his action. At that point, Strauss was ejected from the tournament.

He was then caught on video at the Luxor marching on top of an empty craps table. Of course, he also dropped his shorts there, giving spectators an even better view than those at the Rio had. He was quickly dragged down and escorted away by security and police officers.

Further problems for Strauss

Believe it or not, there is even more to this tale. After his arrest on July 27th, the Red Rock Casino also reported an incident with Strauss to the police. According to KTNV Las Vegas, he allegedly tried to lure a child at the hotel pool to his room three days earlier.

“Strauss told police the he was trying to warn his friends about possible danger and insists that he thought he knew the child’s parents and gave the boy his room number to give his parents,” the news report states. “However, he reportedly attempted to destroy evidence on his phone before turning it over to the police.”

Part of the report also mentions that Strauss has been stalking and harassing a former ESPN reporter and “that he believes she is his daughter from a relationship when he was 11 years old.”

It appears that the woman is Sarina Morales, who Strauss mentions in several of his mind-numbing tweets.

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