Norman Chad

Not that I would want anyone to contract the novel coronavirus, but of all the people in the poker world, one of the last people I would want to see get sick is the legendary Norman Chad. Well, sure enough, Mr. Chad has caught the virus and as one might expect, he is not feeling so fantastic right now.

That is not to say that Norm Chad isn’t in good spirits. At least he seems to be. On Monday, August 10, Chad posted a short video on Twitter to announce that he has COVID-19. Speaking while his new puppy, Blue McCallahan, alternated between eating his glasses and giving him kisses, Chad explained that his symptoms are an “unspeakable” headache, a cough, and fatigue.

“Blue is blaming me,” Chad said while informing Blue that those are his glasses that she is biting, “She doesn’t feel well. And you know, I’ve got COVID. And she thinks I gave her COVID. I don’t think she has COVID. I think Blue gave me COVID.”

Chad said that he is quarantining for 14 days.

On Tuesday, he followed up with another minute-long video, saying that he has the same headache, describing it as a “Mack truck backing up behind my eyes.” The “occasional” cough and “extreme fatigue” are still there, as well.

Of course, in Norman Chad style, he kept things light-hearted, explaining that when Blue chews his left arm, she doesn’t taste anything.

It has been a rough spring and summer for much of the world during this pandemic. And for Norman Chad, things have been particularly hard. We’ll let him explain it as he did with PokerNews last week:

As for many others, this summer has been unceasingly challenging: Loss of work, loss of income, loss of movement, loss of creative outlet. In addition, my wife Toni and I have been on opposite coasts for the entire pandemic, and when our beloved family dog Daisy unexpectedly passed in April, my overall sense of loss felt apocalyptic; she was my sole companion in L.A. with Toni 2,500 miles away. I was emotionally devastated.

Chad added that he suffers from depression, so one thing he has taken up is posting what he calls an “Ooka Luka” video each day. All Ooka Luka is is a silly mantra and dance. Chad looks like a goof doing it, but that’s the point.

“I thought it would help combat the increasingly toxic and hateful nature of Twitter, because it’s just fun with the intent of making people smile and getting people to get along better,” he said. “The Ooka Luka felt like a mental-health lifeline for me.”

That, combined with Blue, has helped Chad get though these trying times.

And while Chad misses the poker rooms that he loves, he has been able to play a bit online from his Las Vegas home. Last month, the World Series of Poker television commentator cashed in a couple 2020 WSOP Online events, including a 13th place finish in Event 28: $1,000 Omaha Hi-Lo 6-Max.

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