While it has not been proven to be an actual plan for the future of one of Las Vegas’ most powerful casino conglomerates, there is an alleged plan for the opening of the MGM Resorts properties making the rounds on social media. The plan, while logical, may be rooted in information that came from a late April earnings report by the leadership of MGM Resorts. It has not, however, been confirmed by anyone from MGM Resorts officially.

Image Making Rounds of Social Media

Especially on Facebook but also on other media, an image of a post from someone named “Kurt Coleman” is sweeping like wildfire. A quick search of Facebook for the account doesn’t reveal any “Kurt Coleman” with the appropriate avatar on the social media monolith, but that hasn’t stopped people from sharing the information on various poker and casino outlets. The image is as follows:

A screenshot of a cell phone

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The post has been seen in other creations which also leave one highly skeptical as to its veracity. In other connotations, the 2021 date had typos which stated “2o21,” using the letter “o” as the number zero (“0”). It turns out, however, that there may be some realistic base in what the approach of MGM Resorts may be in the future.

Quarterly Report Offers Proposed Rollout

In an article in USA TODAY from journalist Dawn Gilbertson from April 30, executives did discuss a rollout of the casino operations for the company in a post-COVID-19 world. Instead of opening all their operations, MGM execs stated they would slowly roll out the opening of their properties. Up first, according to acting Chief Executive Officer Bill Hornbuckle, would be those hotels appropriate for a certain level traveler and their budgets.

First to come up would be the New York-New York Hotel and Casino and The Bellagio, appealing to both the midlevel and “high roller” customers that may be itching to scratch their casino Jones. Closed since mid-March, The Bellagio, strangely enough, is currently booking reservations beginning on June 1, as is New York-New York. But the same quarterly earnings call indicated that, even if the properties are opened, it wouldn’t be at full bore.

All the restaurants at the hotels would not be open for operation and there will be an emphasis on takeout food and beverage. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has already spoken on what it will take for the casinos to be operational, which would limit the options for anyone who is staying in the hotel. “From there, we’re talking about what other properties should open, if any,” Hornbuckle stated in the meeting, “We’ll go slow. We’ll be responsive and responsible.”

Is the Meme True?

Determining whether the image from “Kurt Coleman” is true or not is difficult. It is always best to take these things with that proverbial grain of salt (or, in some cases, perhaps the whole salt lick) and this is a demonstration of one of those times. Poker News Daily is in contact with MGM Resorts to learn whether this is an accurate estimate of their plans; as of press time, there has been no response from the MGM Resorts Public Relations department.


  1. Tracy Lawson says:

    No Excaliber?? I think this may be bull$&*!

  2. Abdullah Obama says:

    Big bad MGM Grand should be first to open. It’s their Signature Property.

    Transparentvy. I own a condotel at Signature mgm..


  3. Kellie Guibord says:

    I would go in a minute if they opened up

  4. Patsy j miller says:

    They are going to try to break the Unions, good luck

  5. Salvador Torres says:

    I have á reservation on June 8th at luxor hotel what gonna happen

  6. William T Majette says:

    What about vdara
    I’ve stayed there
    My personal favorite


    As a employee I want to thank you for supporting to all employees on any department.
    And I’m really agree the way, you are planning to re open.
    Hope I have to be in the list for those who are going to start first.

  8. RY says:

    It is total bologna. The creator of this farce forgot to include the Excalibur.

  9. Carlos Londono says:

    I hope this is not Carlos Londono

  10. Joyce Jefferson says:

    What about ohio mgm northfield?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I have that letter and it had no say about when they will open.but the August 31 deadline was in there

  12. Donald Raysor says:

    Hello sir.idont understand if the state’s need money why don’t the state’s help the casinos that have been giving to the state’s for years. I am 63 next month and been playing slots since I was 21. Most people are against casinos but it’s an out let and it’s safe as long as you play responsible. Thank you

  13. Kim Weiss says:

    Will Luxor open by September 19. We planned to get married at their chapel and eat dinner at a restaurant in Mandalay Bay

  14. Rob says:

    Anyone who would believe this from Kurt Coleman is crazier than me, lol.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Absurd !!!!!

  16. Joel says:

    I honestly don’t think that they would be forecasting that far out. I think they might have a few properties that they plan to open first such as New York New York and Bellagio but it seems unlikely that they would fix a time frame two other properties. I would think that the other properties would open as needed and dates would be more of a to be determined nature. I don’t think anyone is able to predict what life will be like in a year from now and I think that the most are optimistic and the tourism and hospitality that there will be a quick rebound. Maybe that’s unrealistic optimism but I think most people in the industry are trying to be positive and wouldn’t want to put in writing a plan that is so negative. I speculate that this is an effort to drive down stock prices or somehow manipulate markets. Many investors are upset they missed the bottom on March 18th and perhaps they are trying to talk it down again the market certainly is more optimistic than this random post.

  17. Steven M Luna says:

    We need to know if the mirage will be open in June. We have reservations for 16th till the 19th.

  18. Todd Love says:

    Is this schedule for certain in’s not cool now it time to worry.its time to stay positive and optimistic wow

  19. Bernita Lloyd says:

    Just open

  20. Anonymous says:

    Are you stupid people I hope you never open the casinos

  21. Eugene Garcia says:

    This might be true folks! If you really think about it, until the vaccine is ready the conventions and big crowd events will not convene anytime soon! With good number of cases and number of deaths, most people will be afraid to fly. I predict that true lay offs will surely be here since it will be slow for the strip to go back to normal. As well as most of the events, shows, games, table games, etc.will only be 50% capacity! Get retrained now for another career!

  22. A Curious onlooker says:

    I heard about this schedule last week. I wasn’t sure if I should truly believe the information as it came from my window installer, however I do believe it now as I know he recently did windows for an MGM executive.

    Plumbing issues….

  23. Kam says:

    Is the Vdara being open in June?

  24. VCOOL says:


  25. Anna lu says:

    What about excalibur hotel how came they didn’t say anything about excalibur all hotel they say except excalibur we need to know about that

  26. B Dunn says:

    I was told the same schedule but there was absolutely no indication that there would be a three month buffer between each casino. Only thing for certain is that Bellagio will open first because that is where corporate office are located and NYNY is easiest to operate. Low room count and low employee turnaround.

  27. Anthony T. Jones says:

    Are you kidding me, no Aria until July/August 2021 this better be a typo, first my cruise and now my Aria stay, my vacation this summer is going to be in the damn backyard watching the groundhogs play 😡😡😡

  28. John says:

    Nobody but the very highest management (C level) know anything. I don’t expect to be called called back this year. In fact people are still being laid off.

  29. cindy says:

    When will Excalibur reopen?

  30. John says:

    Bide your time .Do refurbish any and everything. Open the worst places first.That way if there’s a second wave the best arent invloved.
    Help all those girls outtawork.Single Moms.Kids .This isva time to help out the less fortunate.No luggage racks on the hearse.I miss ya Vegas

  31. SLICK ONE says:

    October and November 2021 LMAO…. SERIOUSLY

  32. Anonymous says:

    Folks, these casino’s have deep pockets to last the storm out. You as worker’s do not,look for another form of work. The party is over.

  33. Jeffrey Cowden says:

    Have reservations at Luxor in Oct, hope this isn’t right.

  34. Monique says:

    The MGM is their signature property and mid level so can’t believe they are opening NewYork New York first. I don’t own a condo at the Signature MGM, but I like the MGM and especially the pool area in the summer. Just glad to have anything back open. Please hire enough staff to keep EVERYTHING clean.

  35. Francis Hayes says:

    I Hope For all The MGM Employees That They Open Real soon, My Self I Gave The company 28yrts of My Life, I’m Going to retire Because I can!!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Don’t see MGM Springfield Massachusetts on this list

  37. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe this I have a reservation for the Mandalay Bay in July.Why would they book my reservation if this was the case.

  38. Angel Nunez says:

    What about Excalibur? I’m planning on going there August 11th to the 13th since the flight has been booked already roundtrip.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I have ready many articles and talk to many mgm resorts employees that are still working and answer the phones. I have 3 reservations for the same week at different places in June and while making them every person on the phone said they are told all properties will open as soon as they get the word

  40. christina says:

    There was nothing in our memo that addressed what would and would not be opening and certainly no schedule going into 2021.

  41. Dusty Murray says:

    They left out Vdara, Delano & as was stated previous the Excalibur. Unless…

  42. jack stanford says:

    The unknown person talking about the unknown truth. What a sad joke. Amazing what people believe sometimes.

  43. Ronnie Henley says:

    I work for Gold Strike , a MGM property in Tunica, MS, and haven’t received any form of support from MGM Emergency Relief Funds or MS Unemployment since I’ve been furloughed 03/28/2020. The sad part is as a furloughed employee, we’re advised to not work anywhere during the time we’re off and with no support, its a really hard and uncertain time for me and my family. I’d rather be Safe than Sorry but its hard not knowing when we’ll open and if I’ll have a job when they do!!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    What about the other properties on the East coast?

  45. Kenneth Dean Gooding says:

    I have reservations for late July July already canceled 2 times for Excalibur ready to unwind hopefully it will be open I’m sure many others are ready to party in Vegas please open up lol

  46. Mrs C says:

    Yikes I had reservations at MGM Grand Vegas in June!! I gather they are going to automatically cancel?!

  47. Mecshell Fleming says:

    I cannot wait to get back to las Vegas room booked for june 4

  48. Joseph stoffel says:

    I think the casino should be opened we could split shift so to speak have older people go in the morning from 9 say to 2 and have the younger people go from 3 to whenever

  49. Debbie says:

    Where the f__k is excalibur? I don’t stay anywhere else. Will downtown open? No mentioning of that.

  50. Donna D'Agostino says:

    I have reservations at the Mirage the first week of July. I hope this isn’t true. Will they notify people if they don’t open? I made reservations in early March.

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