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Rolling out today across cyberspace is the Annie Duke Poker Tutor. The new iPhone app includes a valuable Tip of the Day, an easy-to-use Texas Hold’em Odds Calculator, and even a glossary of poker terms. The app is completely free.

Duke, a pro and winner of the 2010 National Heads-Up Poker Championship, told Poker News Daily where the concept of creating an iPhone app originated: “A college friend of Joe [Reitman’s] started a company that makes iPhone apps. I went to talk to them and they were thinking it’d be an app where you play poker. There are a few of those already and it’s not real poker anyway. I didn’t want to have just another poker app. There aren’t many apps about learning poker, so we decided we’d do something about that, but it also provides other forms of value.” On Thursday, the Annie Duke Poker Tutor came to fruition.

The Tip of the Day isn’t just a short cliché. Instead, Duke provides several paragraphs outlining important poker concepts. Duke explained, “The Tip of the Day is not just one sentence. It’s a real tip. There’s also a free odds calculator. Right now, you can put in one Hold’em hand against another. There will be an upgraded version pretty quickly, which will allow you to do nine hands. Then, another upgrade will be add Omaha.” Players could conceivably take their Annie Duke Poker Tutor and head to their local home game. There, they can easily review odds following critical hands.

The Tip of Day follows a specific sequence, so even if a player goes for several days without using the app, when they open it up, the program will dispense the next one in the series. Duke, who has been hard at work crafting tips in a logical sequence, told Poker News Daily, “All of the tips come in a cycle. It’s a real course that starts with hand selection, raising, and betting and then moves to post-flop play.”

A freeroll for Annie Duke Poker Tutor users will take place on April 29th and feature a $250 prize pool. In addition, the player who knocks Duke out of the freebie will claim a $50 bounty. A code to enter the freeroll can be found within the iPhone app and the tournament will take place on, where Duke serves as a sponsored pro. The site is one-half of the CEREUS Network along with Absolute Poker and happily accepts players from the United States.

Who better to learn poker from than Duke? In March, she defeated eight-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Erik Seidel in the finals of the National Heads-Up Poker Championship to earn $500,000. In 2004, Duke outlasted Phil Hellmuth in the WSOP Tournament of Champions to pocket a winner-take-all prize of $2 million. Duke earned her lone WSOP bracelet in 2004 after taking down a $2,000 Omaha High-Low Eight or Better tournament; Seidel finished third in that event.

There are a bevy of apps available for the iPhone. Duke speculated on how the Annie Duke Poker Tutor will fare among the crowd: “I think it’ll do pretty well. This is just free value. I don’t see why your casual poker player looking to get better wouldn’t use it.” When the program’s Omaha odds calculator makes its debut, it will mark one of the few utilities available for the emerging genre of poker.

Duke has fine-tuned the art of teaching poker to the masses as part of her work with the WSOP Academy. Fellow instructors include Hellmuth, Greg Raymer, Phil Gordon, Mark Seif, Howard Lederer, and Bernard Lee. She has also coached players through her involvement with the “Best Damn Poker Show,” which aired for two seasons on Fox Sports Net.

Check out the free Annie Duke Poker Tutor today.


  1. LuckEgirl says:

    Hi Annie, Congratulations on your launch of your iphone app. I just watch a cnbc program on the app opportunities and was wondering who has apps from the gaming world. And then there you were! I’ve been in gaming since Indian bingo started in the mid 80’s and hope to find my own opportunity in apps world. I saw you on the Celebrity Apprentice too and just want to say go girl!

  2. cata says:

    where can i find the password can anyone help please

  3. Dan Cypra says:

    The password can be found from within the iPhone App. It’s free, so go download it!

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