Back in Poker After Six Months by Annie Duke

I have been thinking lately about a particular paradox in my life and trying to figure out how to handle it.  The paradox is that as I have become more well-known for playing poker, it has become harder and harder for me to find time to play at all. I mean I just played in the Bellagio Five Diamond $15,000 event and that was literally the first live poker tournament I have played since the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.  I can’t even figure out how that happens.  There was a time when I played poker basically every single day.  You couldn’t have kept me away for almost six months.  And then the irony of becoming famous for being good at my passion and then not being able to actually play… that is ridiculous. How did it get to be six months?  Okay, so I always take the month after the WSOP off, so that explains July.  In September, I was going to play the Bike tournament, but then I had to film the “Best Damn Poker Show” for and the filming was scheduled right in the way of that event.  I couldn’t go to WSOP Europe ...



You are so arrogant its amazing the poker community ever respected you.

Carl Sand

You have the right to say what ever. I think that you are right and You are a Good Player, otherwise why would we read what you say.


you go girl. best of luck 2009


I have always loved you and respected you as a poker player and as a woman and mother. Please tell me that the celebrity apprentice made you out to look a way that you really are not. I was shocked at a lot of the behaviors on the show but I suppose its par of the course for the show and what the intent was.

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