Sometimes, the crème does rise to the top.

Continuing his streak in PokerGO’s “Stairway to Millions” series at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Chance Kornuth not only cashed in the third of three events on the calendar, but he also won his second tournament on the roster. This victory for Kornuth in Event #3, the $4000 No Limit Hold’em tournament, gives Kornuth wins in two of the three tournaments, makes his third consecutive cash in the series, and gives him a free pass into the next tournament on the schedule.

No Rest for the Weary

Kornuth won Event #2, the $2000 No Limit Hold’em tournament, and did not waste any time in trying to keep the roll going. He would immediately claim his seat in Event #3 (those that cash in events during the “Stairway to Millions” also receive a seat to the next tournament on the schedule) and immediately went to work. In particular, Kornuth knocked heads with Jesse Lonis, earning many of his chips on the way to being one of twelve players who made the money from the 84-entry field.

Kornuth dumped Jeremy Ausmus from the event in eleventh place on his way to taking over the lead of the unofficial final table of nine players. Although he would double up Mitchell Halverson to start the festivities, Kornuth quickly righted the ship by taking down Joelle Weinand and Phillip Shing in ninth and eighth places, respectively. That aided to solidifying Kornuth’s lead as Victoria Livschitz departed on the “official” final table bubble, knocked out by Nathan Zimnik.

When the players reconvened on Saturday to resume the battle, Kornuth did not let up on the gas. He would wipe out the entire final table himself, getting to heads up against Joseph Cheong with almost a 2:1 lead. Using that chip advantage, Kornuth did not take any time in ending the event.

On the final hand, Kornuth limped with a 9-3 and Cheong took his free option with a J-4 to see a 9-4-2 rainbow flop. Cheong, with his middle pair, fired a bet to see where he was and Kornuth simply called to head to the turn. An eight on the turn saw the same action – a bet from Cheong, a call from Kornuth – but a second nine on the river lit the wick. Now sitting with an inferior two pair, Cheong moved all in and Kornuth nearly beat him into the pot with the call. Turning up his trip nines, Kornuth won the tournament and went “back-to-back” in the “Stairway to Millions” tournaments.

1. Chance Kornuth, $80,640*
2. Joseph Cheong, $51,120*
3. Nathan Zimnik, $40,320*
4. Mitchell Halverson, $30,240*
5. Daniel Weinand, $23,520*
6. Jesse Lonis, $20,160*

(* – includes buy-in to Event #4, $8000 No Limit Hold’em tournament, of “Stairway to Millions”)

Chris Brewer Leads Final Table of Event #4

The streak of cashing would end for Kornuth in Event #4. Diving into the field of 56 entries, he would be unable to be one of the eight players who received a free pass into the next tournament. While Kornuth might have to actually use his own money to get into Event #5, eight players got their buy-in through cashing in this tournament.

A player who is also off to a decent start in 2022, Shannon Shorr, earned another cash with his seventh-place finish in Event #4. Joined by Michael Lang (eighth place), they were the two players who did not make the official six-handed final table of Event #4, but they will be sitting at the felt Sunday for the start of Event #5, the $15,000 No Limit Hold’em tournament, while the final table goes on for Event #4. Chris Brewer was a force to be reckoned with throughout the day on Saturday, romping to the chip lead of the official final table. He will be joined by an excellent roster of players:

1. Chris Brewer, 1.67 million
2. Salim Admon, 1.38 million
3. Jesse Lonis, 1.25 million
4. Jeremy Ausmus, 555,000
5. Bill Klein, 445,000
6. Nick Petrangelo, 350,000

The Event #4 final table will be in action with the start of Event #5, beginning at noon on Sunday. The “Stairway to Millions” will continue on into next week, with three more tournaments still on the roster, including the $100,000 Main Event.

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