Heads Up Sit N Go Strategy with CardRunners

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Collin Moshman of CardRunners shows us Heads Up SNG strategy in this training video. Here’s the official teaser from the video:

Replayer: Collin Moshman SNG

HU SNGs are one of the more addicting poker games on the net. Thankfully, Moshman is here to turn that addiction profitable. Replaying a $55 HU turbo, Colin assesses building pots, being priced in, and what you need to know of equity in HU SNGs.

Here’s some of the dialog from the video’s thread at CardRunners:

There is a difference between unexploitable plays and unexploitable strategies. A particular shove is unexploitable if, regardless of opponent calling range, the shove shows a profit. An unexploitable strategy is one where you opponent can’t gain an edge on you regardless of his strategy, and may consist of shoves that aren’t all unexploitable using the first definition.

So my apologies if anything I said relating to unexploitable shove/fold play in this video was unclear for that reason. If you have any more specific questions please give me a time in the video and I’m very happy to look/comment, thanks.

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