High Stakes Poker: Four Players Felted

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It was a veritable bloodbath on Sunday’s episode of the GSN cash game franchise “High Stakes Poker.” Four players went broke to the tune of $200,000 and next week, a new crop of players will take to the felts.

Fresh off last week’s $1 million vegetarian prop bet between Phil Ivey and Tom “durrrr” Dwan, the action was hot and heavy on Sunday night. With less than $50,000 in his stack, PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu shoved all-in over the top of a raise by Eli Elezra with K-Q of spades. Negreanu told Elezra that he’d show a card and let Elezra pick which one to turn over. Elezra selected the queen and then allowed Negreanu to see one of his own hole cards. Negreanu picked Elezra’s eight and Elezra made the call. The duo agreed to run it twice.

The first board ran out 5-6-9-4-2, giving Elezra the flopped nut straight and a win of half of the $99,000 pot. The second board ran out 6-10-Q-9-K and, despite hitting two pair, Negreanu once again ran into a straight. Elezra scooped the entire pot, prompting “High Stakes Poker” host Gabe Kaplan to lament, “The Daniel Negreanu saga on ‘High Stakes Poker’ continues.” Negreanu bought back in for another $200,000.

Then, Italian poker sensation Dario Minieri got it all-in for $159,000 against Dwan on a flop of 2-10-3 holding K-3 of hearts. Dwan insta-called Minieri’s push with K-10 for top pair and for the first time on the sixth season of “High Stakes Poker,” the board was run four times. Although Minieri was even money to win one-quarter of the pot, Dwan took down all four boards and scooped $344,400. Kaplan explained, “Dario’s impulsive moves were fun to watch, but finally got him in trouble at the end.” Minieri exited stage right.

The fireworks continued when Full Tilt Poker pro Gus Hansen moved all-in on a flop of 7-2-5 with pocket queens. Negreanu, who was the original pre-flop raiser, called with 7-5 for top two pair and two more boards were run. Negreanu tasted victory in both and raked in the $397,200 pot, effectively putting him back to even despite his earlier loss to Elezra. The hand crippled Hansen’s stack to just $17,500 and he went broke one hand later. Hansen re-bought for $200,000.

Unabomber Poker namesake Phil Laak then joined the carnage and witnessed Jason Mercier become the fourth player to go broke on Sunday’s episode of “High Stakes Poker.” Mercier led out for $28,700 in a flop of 2-3-7 with A-4 and Ivey made it $78,700 with pocket nines. Mercier sheepishly announced that he was all-in for $185,100 and Ivey contemplated a call. Kaplan critiqued, “I don’t see how Ivey can call. If [Mercier] had aces or kings, he’d play it the same way.”

Nevertheless, after an extended deliberation, Ivey called. The board was only run once and Ivey collected $425,200. Mercier and Hansen both departed, leaving the table six-handed. Ivey sat with over $1 million in front of him, up $500,000, and Kaplan observed that he could pay off his vegetarian prop bet with Dwan right now: “He could have a whole barbeque if he wants.”

Despite four players being felted, the largest pot of the night had yet to occur. On a flop of 10-Q-K with two diamonds, Dwan fired out a continuation bet of $45,800 with 9-8. Ivey made the call with A-6 of diamonds and the turn was the three of spades. Dwan fired out another bullet, this time $123,200, and Ivey called. The river was a blank. Dwan bet $268,200 with a busted straight draw and Ivey asked for a count. The decorated poker pro commented, “This is going to be the sickest call of all-time.” Dwan stared intently at the pot and gulped, but Ivey laid it down. Dwan raked in the $676,900 pot, the largest of Season 6, as the credits rolled.

This Sunday on “High Stakes Poker,” a new cast of characters joins the table, including Dennis Phillips, Patrik Antonius, and Barry Greenstein. New episodes of “High Stakes Poker” air at 8:00pm ET on Sundays on GSN.

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Annie Nonemus

I didn’t catch the show this week so I’m just curious … in the 4th last paragraph you state “Unabomber Poker namesake Phil Laak then joined the carnage …” then go on to discuss Phil Ivey … so did Laak help stack the chips? hold the door for ‘Mercier and Hansen’ who departed at the same time? Was Gus in the pot too or are they now a couple? Curious minds wanna know.

Tom Jenkins

The point of the Phil Laak reference was to mention that he was there. He had just sat down when the carnage had ramped up. Thanks for reading.

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