Is U.S. Online Poker Dead?

A lot has been written over the last two weeks about anything and everything having to do with online poker's Black Friday. Most of the talk, other than screaming to the heavens about the U.S. Government, has been about what players in the United States are going to do. Basically, is online poker dead in the United States? My answer, put simply, is yes, at least for a while. Don't ask me to define "a while," but I'd be shocked if online poker were legalized and regulated in the U.S. within the next couple of years. We all know that the world's largest sites – PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker – booted their American players. But despite the loss of the home of the majority of poker players, many feel that since there are still some rooms and networks that serve U.S. customers, we can all just move over to their tables and continue on like the Black Friday indictments were just a pothole. I don't buy it. True, the three largest U.S.-facing networks that remain have made strides since Black Friday, picking up some of the exiles from the big boys, but the big gains are really just in percentages, not player counts. ...


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No online poker may be down but its not out! There are still some US sites that will no doubt grow but I think the DOJ just wanted to pick on the big boys just to show a little force.

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With small rooms True and Doyle’s closed down yesterday the final nail is in the coffin unless Full Tilt wants to open the doors again and try to take the moral high ground. Not likely. Maybe 5% chance. Fat Lady be signing.

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Question for those of us which simply play for fun no real money are there any free sites like full tilt where we can play? Full Tilt was easy and the format was very nice not the question or comment you were looking for but want to know every site I try says no US players.

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