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In an announcement this morning from the online poker industry’s leading site, PokerStars welcomed back Lee Jones in a new role. Jones will become the Head of Home Games, the recently introduced segment of the site where players can set up their own private games. Previously, Jones served as the Poker Room Manager of the site, a position he left in 2007 to pursue other interests.

In the four years that Jones served as PokerStars’ Poker Room Manager, he extended his notoriety in the poker community through improvements in the PokerStars brand. Serving as host of the biggest tournaments that the site offered, including the Sunday Million, Jones welcomed players to the final table of major events. His reach on the site extended much further, however, as he was integral in the development of several of its most popular promotions and features.

After his departure, Jones worked for a time with the European Poker Tour. After a time, though, Jones moved on to poker endeavors outside of the realm of PokerStars. Of note was a position as Card Room Manager of one of PokerStars’ challengers in the online arena, Cake Poker.

In 2009, Jones signed on with Cake Poker and immediately left his footprint on the site. He revamped Cake’s tournament schedule and attempted to bring the same quality of service to the players like he had done at PokerStars. After slightly more than a year and a half, however, Cake Poker and Jones parted ways.

In December, Jones left his position at Cake Poker due to a difference of opinion on the direction of the organization. In a Poker News Daily article, Jones is quoted as saying, “I’m just not comfortable with some of the decisions that the Cake management was making.” He admitted that he had a “couple of irons in the fire” one of which, apparently, was a return to PokerStars.

The return of Jones to PokerStars has opened up a lively discussion on the forum at TwoPlusTwo. After the announcement was made public, several posters eagerly welcomed back Jones to his new position with PokerStars. “Congrats Lee, GL,” was the message from one of the world’s top players – and one of Jones’ former co-workers at CardRunners – Taylor “Green Plastic” Caby. Another poster, “madlex,” opined, “Looks like Stars has some big things in mind for Home Games.”

Poster “leconnaissure” wrote, “I think the guy is gonna get bored out of is mind running Home Games. GL Lee climbing up to the top.” “Ed_Zachary” echoed the same sentiment: “Why just Head of Home Games? L.J. was boss as moderating the Sunday Mill FT.”

PokerStars introduced Home Games, where players can become the Manager of their own poker club, earlier this year. The promotion was one of the top innovations in online poker in recent memory. Through setting up the games played, stakes, and other features, Home Games allow for the familiarity of playing with friends on the site rather than strangers.

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  1. Linda Johnson says:

    I’m so glad you are back with Poker Stars. I am part of a home game league and really enjoy it. You bring a lot to the table.:)
    Linda Johnson

  2. Tang says:

    oh, he can do much more than the boring HG

  3. says:

    welcome back lee u da man sir

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