Linda Johnson Tells You Where the Locals Eat in Las Vegas

Many of you will be coming to Las Vegas soon to play in the World Series of Poker (WSOP). For some of you, all you want to do while you are here is gamble. For others, you may want to take some time off from the casinos and enjoy dining where the locals eat. In this blog is a list of some of my favorite eating establishments in Las Vegas. When it comes to breakfast, I have three great recommendations for hearty meals that will get you jump started for a long day of poker. If you like great food at great prices and don't care about the ambiance, then you should try White Cross Drugs at 1700 Las Vegas Blvd. South. I started going there 30 years ago. Patrons eat at the counter and breakfast is served 24/7. Another great spot for breakfast is the Omelet House (four locations). Their six-egg omelets with multiple ingredients are a steal at less than $10 and be sure to try the homemade pumpkin bread. My other breakfast spot is Hash House a Go Go (several locations). The blueberry pecan pancakes are so large that two people can easily share them. For a real treat, ...



Everyone should try Shabu Shabu Paradise – 1716 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy Suite 110 Henderson, Nv 89012

My all time favorite restatuarant in town:

I’ve tried several shabu shabu restaurants in town but this one is the best for quality of food, service and atmosphere.


Hey Linda, The Ritz-Carlton closed in April. So you’ll be driving 30 minutes from the strip for nada… although, I think the Loews Hotel next to the Ritz serves high tea overlooking the fake-lake… plus Massa, the sushi restaurant out there is very good. And the little village has a nice wine bar or two (if they’re still in business come July)

Juli Sobka

Boy, with all those choices it’s a good thing that I’ll be in Las Vegas for a while to do a lot of sampling, but a 6 egg omelet? YIKES. Again Linda, thanks for all your tips

Linda Johnson

Thanks for letting me know about the Ritz Carlton. It wasn’t busy the last time I was there in February so I guess it’s another victim of the poor economy.
Linda Johnson


Great list Linda! I would like to add my new favorite – Firefly (two locations – Plaza downtown and on Paradise Rd). Tapas! Yum Yum!


Thank you for all the suggestions and addresses…I will have a car this time on my trip so I really appreciate it!


I’m gonna get fat!! Yummy yum yum


Great places, here’s a few more, for tapas try Firefly on Paradise or overlooking Fremont St. at the Plaza Hotel. Texas De Brazil at Town Square is probably my favorite Brazilian steakhouse too. Seafood is fresh and awesome at Buzio’s inside the Rio.


PF Changs for Chinese? Seriously? You might as well place McDonald’s in the hamburger category.


Pampas is horrible! Texas de Brazil is waay better. Much better salad bar and higher quality meats.

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