Mike Sexton on Skill Versus Chance in Poker

Recently, I went to Charleston, South Carolina to testify as an "expert witness" in a poker trial. The case was the Town of Mount Pleasant versus five poker players who pled not guilty when they were busted for playing in a $20 tournament in someone's house a couple of years ago. South Carolina law is similar to about 20 other states' laws which say that it's illegal to bet on any games of chance (in South Carolina, any game of dice or cards is considered to be a game of chance). Our mission was to prove that No Limit Hold'em poker was predominantly (more than 51%) a game of skill rather than chance. Fortunately for everyone in the poker world, Judge Larry Duffy agreed to hear testimony on this. To poker players, whether poker is a game of skill or chance is a "no-brainer." In my research for this case, I learned that several previous cases failed to prove this in court (even though two recent rulings in Pennsylvania and Colorado ruled that skill was the predominant factor in Hold'em). Proving that skill predominates over chance in a court of law is quite different than discussing ...


Bob Kennedy

Well Done !!!

Carolina Gambler

You made a very nice case and I want to thank Mr. Sexton (and the PPA) for taking time out of his schedule to come testify here in South Carolina on behalf of poker players.

Robert N. Burgess

What are the 10 points you listed as vital to becoming a successful poker player.

I would like a copy of Howard Lederer paper on Skill vs Luck. Where do I get it?

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