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A newly proposed law in New Jersey could allow the state’s licensed casinos in Atlantic City to offer internet gambling to residents within state lines. New Jersey Assembly Bill 2570, introduced into by Assemblyman John Burzichelli, would enable New Jersey residents to place wagers on casino games, including poker, via the Internet.

“We’re happy that New Jersey has taken this issue into their own hands,” said Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association (iMEGA) chairman Joe Brennan Jr. “New Jersey is recognized as having the toughest gaming regulators in the US, but as a leading gaming state with a long track record of doing things the right way, Internet gambling will have a great home here and the opportunity to begin normalizing the industry.”

The bill states that Atlantic City casinos must apply for a permit to establish internet wagering, with the permit valid for one year and subject to renewal. The annual fee for an internet wagering permit is expected to be at least $200,000, with the renewal fee to be at least $100,000 to cover the costs of regulation by the commission and the division.

Once in place, gambling regulations will be implemented for the conduct of internet wagering that will be consistent with the regulations of the governing casino. Those regulations will include age restrictions, credit and debit procedures, game corruption checks, and features to assist problem gamblers.

New Jersey took the first step toward legalizing online gaming in the United States in January. Then, Lesniak introduced a bill that called for New Jersey residents to vote on a constitutional amendment that would permit state-regulated sports wagering in Atlantic City casinos and to state residents via an intra-state internet gambling system.

Should New Jersey succeed in becoming the first state to approve intrastate online gambling, it is expected that other states will follow suit. Iowa, Florida, and California have all been considering legislation as a means of straightening out state deficits. New Jersey is currently facing the worst deficit in the nation, but experts believe the state could earn hundreds of millions of dollars per year by regulating sports betting and online gaming.

The matter of when the legislation will pass remains up for debate. Poker Players Alliance (PPA) Executive Director John Pappas told CardPlayer magazine, “I think it’d be difficult for states to enact intrastate regulation by the end of this year. It is our goal to have something passed at the federal level this year. I think it’ll be a race to see who gets there first.”

Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) remains focused on pioneering a federal solution on Capitol Hill. Frank recently added a 66th co-sponsor, Representative Charles A. Wilson from Ohio’s Sixth Congressional District, as he prepares to go into the markup phase for the proposed for HR 2267. Frank has until June 1st to work out the details of the legislation in order for the bill to be passed.

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  1. RealZionKid says:

    We Are Almost There Jerz…

  2. Jesper Nielsen says:

    One year ago I would not have thought that online gambling legalization in America would happen in the decade we have recently entered. I would have liked it more if “the legalization road” had been chosen because legislators has come to the conclusion that prohibiting online gambling is just wrong though. Not because it makes sense financially. But I guess you can’t have it all…

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