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A new online poker room is set to launch a revolutionary concept that could help prevent players from going on tilt. No Bad Beats Poker this week announced the upcoming launch of its premier gaming concept designed to protect players from bad beats, suckouts, and bad luck. The patent-pending feature is scheduled for beta release this Sunday, January 16th.

“We aim to eliminate bad beats in poker – which studies have shown are the greatest frustration of poker players today,” said Aaron Walker, representative for No Bad Beats Poker. “When playing popular poker games like Texas Hold’em featuring No Bad Beats Poker, you’ll get your money back if you take a bad beat!”

No Bad Beats Poker works by tracking the equity percentage of each player, similar to those displayed in the corner during televised poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker on ESPN. If a player loses a hand despite having a high enough amount of equity in an all-in situation, they’ll qualify for a bad beat. Any player who takes a qualifying bad beat will get their money refunded from the pot if they lose. The site said in a press release, “No Bad Beats Poker is the perfect solution for any poker player tired of losing monster pots and getting knocked out of poker tournaments due to bad beats in all-in situations.”

“Only adding to player frustration with bad beats,” said Walker, “is that the player who received the bad beat often had skillfully outplayed his opponent. That makes a bad beat seem inappropriate and unfair to many players, being that poker is a competitive game of skill and strategy. With the release of No Bad Beats Poker, we offer both competitive players and frustrated players alike an alternative to maddening bad beats in standard poker.”

Players will receive their entire wager back if they take a qualifying bad beat. In order to qualify for a bad beat in a pot, players must satisfy the following conditions:

1. You must be playing at a No Bad Beats Poker table or tournament
2. At least one player in the pot must make an all-in bet
3. At the time of the all-in wager, your equity percentage in the pot must be greater than the Bad Beat Cutoff Percentage posted in the table description
4. You cannot fold at any point in the hand
5. You must lose a contested pot

No Bad Beats Poker is scheduled for beta release on Sunday, January 16th with a kickoff freeroll for players to try the new concept and win cash prizes with no deposit required. The site is anticipating its official launch on January 30th.

No Bad Beats Poker resides on the fast-growing Everleaf Poker Network and hosts many standard poker games like Hold’em, Omaha, and Stud. The site offers cash game tables as well as multi-table tournaments and sit and gos in both real money and play money formats. New players can earn a 100% bonus up to $600 when they make their first deposit.

According to, the Everleaf Network ranked 28th in the world in online poker traffic last week, averaging 450 cash game players with a peak of 835. Other online poker rooms on the network include Everleaf Poker, Poker4Ever, Raise and Fold, Minted Poker, and 2poker. Everleaf is licensed and regulated by the Lottery and Gaming Authority of Malta.


  1. Nev says:

    This is all well and good, but this is quite vague: “your equity percentage in the pot must be greater than the Bad Beat Cutoff Percentage posted in the table description”

    What is the % going to be, will it change for each tournament? If it is something stupid like 99% then it is never really going to come into play…

  2. Martonio says:

    This sounds like Snowflake Poker, beta edition. If you can’t take a bad beat, you shouldn’t be playing poker. Sh*t happens sometimes!

  3. Dan Cypra says:

    Great question. I asked the guys behind NBBP and this is what they told me:

    “Each NBB table will have a posted Bad Beat Cutoff %, which is noted in the table description. So, it depends on your preference regarding the Bad Beat Cutoff % and frequency of qualifying bad beats. Some players may be interested in a BBC% of 80.0% or higher, which makes bad beats somewhat rare. Other players may like 60.0% to make things interesting and really protect their hands. Myself, I like tables with a 70.0% cutoff (seems about right to me), but we’ll soon see what becomes most popular.”

    The NBBP lobby has tables with different bad beat percentages and the ones we saw were between 55% and 70%.

  4. NickDawn says:

    Outplay your opponents and actually get paid? Works for me. I am looking forward to teaching the donkeys a lesson for once. Count me in at launch!

  5. BWC says:

    Where was this when I was getting chased down by one outers for weeks on end? Variance they say. Crap if you ask me. Looking forward to trying this out.

  6. DonkTimesFour says:

    I love playing where the fish can’t win, so they don’t play and then we have a bunch of break even players trading blinds until one coolers the next…

    Oh wait, you aren’t allowed coolers, sounds really fun…

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