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Paul “Eskimo” Clark is one of hundreds of players camped out at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Circuit Event at Harrah’s Tunica in Mississippi. Just after play began on Sunday in a $345 No Limit Hold’em ring event, Poker News Daily caught up with the three-time WSOP bracelet winner.

Poker News Daily: Thanks for joining us. Tell us about your experience so far at the WSOP Circuit stop at Harrah’s Tunica.

Paul Clark: There have been large crowds and a pretty good tournament so far. It’s all been pretty good.

PND: You’re entering a $345 No Limit Hold’em tournament today. Tell us about today’s atmosphere and what your thoughts on the structure are.

Paul Clark: A lot of people have showed up for it and it’s been interesting to mingle with everybody. The structure of it is pretty good.

PND: You’ve won three WSOP bracelets over the years, the most recent of which came in 2002. Talk about adjusting to the game over the years.

Paul Clark: I’ve adjusted pretty well. The tournaments are getting bigger and bigger. It’s been pretty good, I guess, overall.

PND: What has your life been like in general nowadays? Are you still traveling the tournament circuit a lot or are you primarily camped out in Las Vegas?

Paul Clark: I live in Vegas, but travel quite a bit to tournaments.

PND: What is your favorite tournament destination?

Paul Clark: Vegas is pretty good. I’ll probably go to West Palm Beach too.

PND: What has the poker been like in Florida after the limits were lifted last year?

Paul Clark: People are loose and it’s really pretty nice.

PND: You have a gold witch’s tooth around your neck. What’s the story behind that?

Paul Clark: John Bonetti turned me on to it.


  1. has "Eskimo" - taken a bath since 2000???? says:

    I suspect that the interview with “Eskimo” – was a “trying” experiance for the author. At last years (2010) WSOP – I had to sit accross from him in a $575 S&G – and the whole table complained about his smell – beyond horrible – and – he just did not care when told about it – hopefully – it was better – but – I strongly suspect it was just as bad.

  2. Kboy111 says:

    Eskimo Clark gets a bad reputation for various reasons, but the truth be told he is a super good guy with a heart of gold. My name is Kelly and most mid level and old time and old school guys know me from grinding out in mid level cash games and a few tournaments several times a year. In the mid 90’s I was sitting in Binions coffee shop with a friend and his wife that were going through very difficult financial times, I had been helping them out for a while and at this particular time Eskimo sat with us and they were talking about their hard times and luck, after the meal was over Eskimo dug into his pocket and gave my friends $1,000 and said no need to ever pay it back, just hope it helps you out a bit. Now say what you want about this good old boy his character is good and his heart is made of Gold, to my old friend Eskimo I wish you good health and God’s blessings. Kelly S

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