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That’s one way to play Kings

A Phil Hellmuth appearance on television or a live stream rarely disappoints, although I suppose that depends on what sort of thing disappoints you. On Tuesday night, the Poker Hall of Famer was on the popular Live at the Bike show and for the billionth time, lived up to his “Poker Brat” nickname.

Hellmuth bought into the cash game for $300,000, the day after losing $144,500 on Hustler Casino Live. He was down about $50,000 when he ran into a hand that prompted him, a nearly 60-year-old grown man, to once again engage in theatrics because something didn’t go his way.

Matt Berkey three-bet pre-flop to $5,500 with 8-6. Eric Hicks (who made the first raise) four-bet to $20,000 with A-K. Hellmuth called with K♣-K, probably thrilled that he was getting this kind of action. Berkey folded.

The flop was 9-T-3, giving Hicks the nut flush and a near lock on the hand (Berkey might have been kicking himself for folding, but would have been relieved once the hands were shown). Hicks came right out with a $20,000 bet and Hellmuth called.

The 8 landed on the turn and Hellmuth was now drawing dead, as he could not make a full house. Hicks bet $50,000 and Hellmuth once again called.

The 4 on the river put four diamonds on the board and Hellmuth didn’t have a single one. Any reasonable person would at least give some thought to the idea that they might be in trouble, and Hellmuth likely did consider that, but he still called another $50,000 by Hicks. Needless to say, the $285,000 pot went to Hicks.

Ok, maybe I’d leave, too

As soon as he saw that he had lost, Hellmuth said, “I quit,” and got up from the table, complaining, “If I can’t trap the crazy guy with Ace-King versus Aces….”

Granted, Hellmuth had Kings, but perhaps he was talking about a different hand?

He walked away, then realized it was a cash game and he had to go back and get his chips. When he returned the table, Robbi Jade Lew, in her first livestream appearance since her controversial hand on Hustler Casino Live, needled Hellmuth, saying, “Are you sure, Phil? The only way to get out of a deep hole is to keep digging.”

Hellmuth left and came back a couple times for some reason, clearly steamed, at which point Lew continued, “You’ve got to find oil or water. Keep digging.”

After all his dramatics, Hellmuth left a chip at the table and nobody could tell if he did it intentionally, perhaps as a tip, or if he was just so flustered that he didn’t collect all of his belongings.

Hellmuth did return 30 minutes after he rage quit to shake hands with everyone and record a piece for the television show Bally’s Big Bet Poker. He said that was not going to play Wednesday or Thursday, despite that being the original plan, because he had lost so much to start the week.

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