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Internet platform Sedo, a leading online domain marketplace and monetization provider, announced Thursday that it had overseen the sale of for $1 million, easily the largest .org domain sale to date. The domain was sold by National A1 Advertising.

The buyer of the domain was, a self-titled “Super Affiliate” that works in conjunction with online casinos, poker rooms, and websites. The company also operates a number of sites, such as,,, and Right now, there is no indication of what the site plans on doing with the domain.

“ is an integral part of our growth strategy, and will provide great dividends now and into the future,” said a spokesperson from

Prior to the sale of, the highest .org sale was $198,000 for, followed by, which sold for $151,400. The sale price of is smaller than those of some of the largest .com sales, which include $14 million paid for, $10 million for, $5.1 million for, and $3 million for

The sale corresponds with a trend in .org domain registrations, which saw an 11% increase in 2009. The .org top level domain is now the third largest generic domain, after .com and .net, Sedo said, with eight million registered names.

“We expect to see growing demand for .org domains, as organizations and individual investors are recognizing their full value and potential,” said Kathy Nielsen, director of sales at Sedo. “We reckon it has more to do with making sure that no other company recognizes the full value and potential of an applicable name, but that might just be us.”

A plethora of poker-related domain names are for sale across the internet, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. Some of the domains for sale on, for example, include,,, and

The importance of the unique identity of a domain name is often overlooked. You might recall Bodog, a company that had already branded its name in poker, losing control of its flagship domain name in September 2007. Bodog owner Calvin Ayre was forced to launch a new gambling and poker web site due to a legal order in a patent infringement dispute with 1st Technology LLC of Las Vegas. Ayre lost most of his domain names and poker players had to go to to play.

Ayre changed the domain name to before recovering the domain name in June 2009. The and domain names now redirect to


  1. Michael Azzurro says:

    The internet levels the playing field. .ORG is getting the recognition it deserves.

  2. Harley says:

    I believe that if you check the records, Labatt Breweries paid $5 mill in the early ’90’s for

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