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There’s good news on the way for everyone who loves the Poker Players Alliance (PPA). The lobbying organization recently released an application that can be found in the Apple App Store.  The PPA app will work on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, with a low cost of $0.99 that goes to promoting the game and getting favorable laws passed for poker players.

The application can be found within the App Store by doing a search for “Poker Players Alliance,” which will bring up only one result.  If you search for “PPA” or “poker,” you will not get the application you are looking for in the results.  As of right now, the program has received five out of five stars for feedback, which is outstanding.  According to the app’s description, the program will help you stay up to date with the latest news, Tweets, upcoming tournaments, and more.  It also ties into Facebook and Twitter and allows you to contact your government officials (for those of you in the United States).

Installing the application once you have paid the nominal $0.99 fee is quick and painless, like all apps that Apple offers.  It only weighs in at 2.1 MB, so it won’t be taking up a lot of space on your device’s hard drive.  Once you fire it up, you are taken to the main screen, which has the following sections: “Contact Congress,” “Poker Player News,” “Recently on Twitter,” and “Tournament Schedule.”

The contact area allows you to send off pre-written e-mails to your Senators and Representatives based on your zip code.  The news area displays the latest PPA headlines from the organization’s official feed.  The Twitter area shows the PPA’s latest Tweets, which are updated once to twice a day.  The tournament schedule comes directly from Bluff Magazine and gives a long listing of tournaments and news.

Other areas to wander into include “Barcodes,” “Around Me,” “About PPA,” and “Profile.”  The “Profile” section lets you put in your personal information and unlocks some of the functions like the “Barcodes” and the “Around Me” (which helps you find other PPA members).  The “About PPA” area tells you the mission statement and other important information so you can become educated on what the good people behind the PPA are working towards.

Although there isn’t anything super fancy about the application, donating the less than $1 towards the cause will go a long way.  The ability to contact Congress directly and find the latest news and Twitter updates is pretty helpful and the tournament schedule will aid those of you who like to hit up the casinos and play.

Supporting the PPA is a step in the right direction for any poker player, so if you care about the game and furthering the cause, check out the iPhone/iPod/iPad application within the Apple App Store.

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  1. Scott Ford says:

    This app needs a lot of work.

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