Only 1,326 of them

The foray into the non-fungible token (NFT) world continues for poker companies, this time with poker content developer and broadcaster PokerGO. On Tuesday, PokerGO announced a partnership with NFT Stadium, a “fan-first full-service NFT development agency and marketplace,” to create a new, poker-themed NFT collection connected to PokerGO events.

Unlike other poker NFTs, this collection is not comprised of player photos or videos of big tournament moments. Instead, each NFT represents a pair of possible Texas Hold’em starting hole cards, for a total of 1,326 NFTs in all.

NFT holders will then have opportunities to win “pieces of live poker action” when their hand comes up in winning tournament moments broadcast on PokerGO. Such pieces include signed cards, the actual table felt, and more. PokerGO did not go into further detail on if every broadcast event is included in the promo or if there will be limited, specific moments during the broadcasts that will provide opportunities for NFT holders to win.

PokerGO NFT owners will also gain access to special PokerGO rewards, like free subscriptions and VIP event access.

“Partnering with PokerGO for NFT Stadium’s debut partner collection launch was an easy decision as PokerGO fans and subscribers have proven to be the most engaged and passionate of any gaming content enterprise,” said Sam Simmons, consulting chief strategy officer of NFT Stadium, and former President of PokerGO. “This collection offers poker fans a chance to connect with a fandom community and have a shared interest in winning moments past and present including legendary players and the most exciting personalities in the game. They’ll receive exclusive digital and tangible rewards connected to the game they love.”

Get in early

Before PokerGO NFTs are made available for purchase by the public, PokerGO subscribers, NFT Stadium Genesis token holders, and “select poker gaming and Web3 communities” will have whitelist access.

A PokerGO subscription is self-explanatory, but being an NFT Stadium Genesis token holder is not. From what it looks like, a Genesis token is membership pass of sorts, giving owners early access to certain NFT drops, giveaways, and reduced fees. There are different levels: General Admission, VIP, and All-Access. So it appears that you can still participate in what NFT Stadium has to offer, but you will get some key benefits if you own a Genesis token.

It also looks like all Genesis tokens are General Admission by default, but some holders will be randomly selected for upgrades. The tokens cost 0.15 ETH to mint. Etherium is currently priced at about $3,000 per coin, so you’re looking at around $450 for a Genesis token before any applicable transaction fees.

Before PokerGO, the World Poker Tour launched its NFT collection in conjunction with Theta Labs last April. partypoker also announced earlier this year that it, too, is partnering with Theta Labs in the NFT space, though its collection has yet to launch.

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