PokerStars launched the Platinum Madness promotion on Monday, aiming to award 21 Platinum Passes in 21 days. And while the players who grind the most and generate the most rake have the best chance to win one of the big prizes, everyone who plays somewhat regularly will be able to participate.

As with most PokerStars promotions, players must first opt-into the Platinum Madness Challenge via their Challenges Window in the PokerStars software. After that, it’s just a matter of playing.

When players earn Stars Rewards Chests through real money play, they will receive a special dice roll. Whatever number comes up with the dice roll will correspond to the number of spaces a player’s game piece moves on the virtual 49-space game board. On said board are PSPC Chests, each of which contains cash, spins, or tickets prizes and for a few lucky people, a Platinum Pass.

Naturally, the more a person plays, the more Stars Chests they will earn and the more dice rolls they will get. The game board also has ladders on it, which allow players to skip spaces if they land exactly at the bottom of one of these ladders.

Moving up a ladder does mean skipping a PSPC Chest or two, but there are better cash rewards for earning the chest on the 49th game board space. Additionally, the top row of the board has a chest on every space, so that means more chances to win a Platinum Pass.

To be clear, the chances of winning a Platinum Pass are slim. For most players, the probability is less than 1 percent and for the bulk of those people it’s just a sliver of that. The players in the highest loyalty tier, Black, have a 1.5 percent chance to pull a Platinum Pass out of a PSPC Chest.

Those who opted-in on Monday will have the opportunity to play in a Platinum Madness Welcome Freeroll on Tuesday. The tournament will award the first Platinum Pass of the promotion.

Players can also earn one extra dice roll next week and the following week. From February 20 to February 23 and February 27 to March 1, PokerStars is offering the Platinum Madness Poker Challenge. Players who opt-in to this challenge during those time periods and then play ten Spin & Go’s in a single day will get one additional dice roll. No more than one extra dice roll per week.

The Platinum Pass is the massive prize package for this summer’s PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship in Barcelona. The Platinum Pass includes the following:

Buy-in to the €22,500 PSPC 2020 event
Six nights’ hotel accommodation for you and a guest in a five-star hotel
Airport transfers
Bespoke PSPC merchandise
€1,250 (approx.) expenses
Platinum Pass winner experiences during the event

The PSPC debuted last January as part of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. 1,039 players entered the $25,000 tournament; 320 of those entries were from Platinum Passes. The PSPC was moved to be a part of EPT Barcelona this year.

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