PokerStars and Twitch are giving poker players the opportunity to win one of two Platinum Passes for the 2020 PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC). It starts with one simple step: link one’s PokerStars account to their Twitch account.

Connect the accounts

Connecting other accounts to Twitch is commonplace today. Other services use it so customers can enhance their experiences in Twitch with content from the connecting service. For instance, people who connect their Riot Games accounts can show their rank and live in-game info while their stream. Amazon Prime members can get special rewards like in-game items and even free games every month. Blizzard often has giveaways for people who link their accounts and watch specific streamers.

And so for this PokerStars promo, players need to link their two accounts. It can be done in the PokerStars software, on the Stars website, or in the PokerStars mobile apps.

Start streaming

It would be nice if all there was to do after that was to sit back and wait, but unfortunately, if you want a Platinum Pass, you are going to have put in some work.

After linking the accounts, participants in the contest are required to watch the PokerStars Central channel on Twitch for 24 hours. I do not believe this is an endurance competition, so I would guess that those 24 hours can be split into many sessions. Participants must also stream themselves playing on PokerStars for 10 hours. So this contest is not for the bashful – you might not need to have a webcam to show your face on the stream, but you certainly can’t be shy about showing how good or bad of a poker player you are.

At the same time, revealing your beautiful mug might help you win because on December 23rd, two PokerStars streamers, GJ Reggie and Pyeface, will select the two entries they liked the best. Entertainment value, production value, and innovation are the criteria they will be looking at, so those who want one of those PSPC Platinum Passes will need to put forth an effort.

It’s a hell of a reward, too. The Platinum Pass includes the €22,500 entry into the 2020 PSPC, €1,250 for travel expenses, and six nights at five-star hotel in Barcelona, the new location for the PSPC. On top of that, these two special Platinum Pass winners will also get another $1,000 put into their PokerStars accounts and a streaming-ready PC.

2019 PSPC was a smash hit

The first PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship was held in January 2019 in the Bahamas after a full year of build-up. 320 Platinum Passes were awarded and the $25,000 event saw 1,039 people enter. That crushed the previous record for a $25,000 live poker tournament by 400 entries. Even without the Platinum Passes, the 2007 World Poker Tour Championship would have been beaten by the PSPC.

The prize pool of the 2019 PSPC, including the $1 million added by PokerStars, was $26.5 million. Ramon Colillas, who got into the event via a Platinum Pass, won the tournament and $5.1 million.

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