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If you play on the popular Microgaming Network site PokerTime, downloading MyPokerLab, a free poker tracking and analysis suite, is a must. You’ll instantly have access to what the site dubs “a personalized poker tuition service that will help you to play better, plug your leaks, and boost your bankroll. Analyze your game while you play – get real-time information and advice on every aspect of your game.”

A high-octane five-minute introductory video appears on MyPokerLab’s website that reviews the major features of the service.

Central components include quizzes, which present users with questions like, “You hold 7d-8d on a flop of 6h-9h-2s and face multiple opponents. How many clean outs do you have?” In addition, charts ripe with information display stats like the number of hands played, profit or loss, and BB/100.

Plus, you’ll be able to view key metrics like Voluntarily Put Money into the Pot (VPIP), Pre-Flop Raise percentage (PFR), cbet percentages, and turn aggression percentages. All are paramount to understanding how you play and where your weaknesses are.

Throughout your years of schooling, you received report cards showing your performance in easy-to-understand letter grades like A, B, and C. MyPokerLab takes the same concept and applies it to concepts like post-flop aggression, stealing, 3bets, and showdowns. Suggestions for each category are given in order to help you improve and plug any leaks you may have.

Major poker topics are reviewed in case users aren’t familiar with all aspects of the game. One sample topic shown, for example, is bet sizing. Text found on MyPokerLab gives the following advice for players deciding how much of a bet to fire out in a hand: “In No Limit, your bet should be between 50% and 100% of the pot, with the majority around 75%.” The topic also includes a discussion of the commitment threshold and the optimal times to increase or decrease your bet sizes.

The site touts “hundreds of in-depth videos” and features forums to allow you to interact with other users. Recent posts are displayed on the dashboard when you log in. Plus, you’ll be able to share questionable hands with others in the click of a button and view hands posted by fellow users. Many members of forums like and TwoPlusTwo will attest to the fact that the key to improving your online poker game is debating and discussing hands with others. MyPokerLab allows you to do so quickly and easily.

MyPokerLab also offers articles on a variety of poker-related topics and you can enlist in a linear course that includes basic and advanced concepts. The site has incorporated social networking sites into its fold and is completely free to use. The pricing is a far cry from advanced poker analysis software like PokerTracker and Holdem Manager, which can run nearly $100.

To download MyPokerLab, you’ll first need to download, install, and create an account on PokerTime. Remember that the site is on the Microgaming Network and does not accept players from the United States. You’ll be playing alongside users of other Microgaming Network sites like Gnuf, Ladbrokes, Purple Lounge, and Unibet. According to the poker tracking site, the Microgaming Network is the eighth largest worldwide, with a seven-day running average of 1,640 real money ring game players. It’s the fifth largest network worldwide that does not accept USA players.

Once you have set up a PokerTime account, download MyPokerLab and log in with your online poker credentials. Then, you’ll be perfecting your game in no time. It’s very rare to see this type of computing power free of charge, so make sure to take advantage of MyPokerLab if you have a PokerTime account.


  1. kueONE says:

    I’m totally giving this a go. It’s PokerTracker without the confusion.

  2. Bainn says:

    MyPokerLab is improving my game no end, recommend you at least try it.

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