Slow-Rolling is Massively -EV by Lee Jones

Poker News Daily published an article arguing that slow-rolling could be considered simply another legitimate weapon for a poker player to use against his opponents. At the risk of misstating the author’s point, the crux of the argument is, “It’s within the rules and it tilts my opponents (which is +EV for me). So I do it.” Here’s the executive summary of my response to those who consider slow-rolling just a +EV tactical play: “Are you out of your minds?” I don’t know – perhaps you have your two 36” monitors so filled with table windows that you haven’t been following the reports from the Poker Players Alliance (PPA). Or your TV is always tuned to “High Stakes Poker,” so you never watch CNN. But check it out: since October of 2006, the online poker industry has been in a pitched battle for its very existence. Politician after district attorney after “protector of the family” has climbed up on his high horse and demanded that the cancer of online gambling be shut down. And one of the deep social reasons for all this trouble: poker is viewed as an uncivilized pastime, pursued by uncivilized people. The game got its American start on riverboats ...



Funny that PND haven’t written about the shambles of Cake Poker’s security. Clearly only interested in getting new players there to make money.

Lee you should be ashamed after the fuss Cereus went through!!!

I like many others will never play on Cake Ntwork again


lol @ my comment being deleted….

No serious player will play there again Lee


@cakepoker – your comment is here why the “lol @ my comment being deleted…”

I agree that a statement from Lee on PND would be good about the issue about Cake Security. I imagine though that this article was written before that happened.

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