The Showdown – Episode 12, Part 1

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Jon Friedberg is back and hosts Benton Blakeman on Episode 12 of The Showdown.

This is part 1 of 2. After this video, be sure to check out The Showdown – Episode 12, Part 2. Also, if you haven’t signed up at UB yet, you can open an account and use promo code “UBPND” when you do.

Back when the show was on another website, Friedberg started a challenge to win $100,000 playing only cash games at Updating his progress, Friedberg said that he failed miserably. He overestimated the amount of time he thought he would have to play online cash games and also underestimated the time it would take him to advance through the stakes. Friedberg also admitted he was too ambitious in his estimates of how quickly he would pick up No Limit Hold’em 6-max games. So far in 2011 things are going well though and as a result of that, Friedberg will be dedicating this show to improving at poker.

His guest this week is a mid-stakes No Limit player in Benton Blakeman. He’s a good friend of Friedberg and will talk about what they mutual do to improve their game.
In the Twitter Lowdown, the biggest news was Full Tilt Poker’s announcement of the Onyx Poker Cup. These are super high buy-in tournaments and although there might be markets for these tournaments, but Friedberg believes that these tournaments will just have the same 20 players in every event which may not make for a good tournament series overall.

On The VoteDown, Friedberg brings back the topic about poker on television, which got twice as many responses as most of these questions usually get. Friedberg was surprised The Big Game was voted the best poker show on television, which he had never seen before. Speaking personally, Friedberg’s favorite show is High Stakes Poker and likes it even more with Norm MacDonald, and never enjoyed former host Gabe Kaplan.

The guest this week on The Showdown is Benton Blakeman, who is a team player on the Merge Network. He’s been grinding since playing in a bar in Louisiana and now lives in Vegas and plays for a living. He’s a regular in the mid-stakes 6-max games and has had tremendous success and has great insight into the learning aspect of poker.


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I looked, listened, read. I got a real treat!


you have a twitter segment, which is lame. But, if you are going to have a twitter segment how do you ignore prahlad and bonomo, haxton scandal. Also the joe sebok, jon aguiar face off. Xplain?


I tried reaching Prahlad to inquire about it but haven’t spoken to him yet. Watch next week’s show where I discuss Sebok. Keep in mind I have to film a few days before the show airs, so often things unfold on Twitter after I film, but before the show airs. Don’t worry, i’ll get to it all….

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