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As they are pulling into the final week of what has been a summer-long run, the CBS reality television show Big Brother is down to its final five competitors. Of the five houseguests remaining, one is poker professional Vanessa Rousso. Rousso has shown a dominant mental game throughout the run of this summer’s program, but she still has to make it down to the final two and, after that, through the Jury that will decide who wins the $500,000 grand prize.

But what would be tougher, being on the inside and playing the game or sitting on the outside and worrying about the game? You might have noticed that, when she knows she is on camera, Rousso will kiss her ring finger. That is an “I love you” to her partner, Melissa Ouellet, whom Vanessa has been away from now for almost 90 days and who has been sweating the proceedings heavily. She has also had to deal with the accusations from the Big Brother faithful that the producers are “fixing” the show for Vanessa and other more hurtful statements about Rousso in general.

Poker News Daily was able to speak with Ouellet as Rousso reaches the end of the Big Brother battle and found that it may be tougher for someone outside the game than the person actually in it.

Poker News Daily:  How difficult has it been for you during Vanessa’s time in the house?

Melissa Ouellet:  Before Vanessa left to the Big Brother house, we spent 24/7 together and we were inseparable. Being away from her for four months has been a very lonely summer.

I do believe this time away will only make our relationship stronger. Vanessa being in the house brings a lot of mixed emotions…I don’t think she will ever understand the stress and pain I’ve had to go through, not being able to tell her who is on your side and who’s not, not being able to hug her while she is being emotional…these situations are extremely hard on you, but at the end of the day it is all worth it. Don’t get me wrong…I’ve LOVED watching Vanessa on Big Brother. It has been a great experience on her end and mine.

PND:  To the best of your knowledge, does Vanessa have any roles on television pending once she exits the Big Brother house?

MO:  There is apparently a rumor that the show Big Brother is being rigged for Vanessa to win to promote this new show called Poker Face. I would love to make this nice and clear that this is absolutely NOT true. Vanessa has worked extremely hard to get herself to where she is at in the game and if she wins Big Brother it’s because she deserves it and has played an incredible game.

PND:  Do you pay any attention to the fan blogs and what they say? And how do you handle those who are critics of Vanessa?

MO:  I am on social media quite a bit and I am aware of all that is being said out there. At first I was devastated by what I was reading – it literally broke my heart – but as the summer went by I started to realize that the critics and the things being said about Vanessa are just out of control and there’s a lot of jealousy out there. Normally I would say people are jealous of successful people. Vanessa is a GENIUS and not everyone understands her brain and her intelligence, but she is always 10 steps ahead from everyone. It also seems as if Vanessa has this magical power to get away with anything and everything, she knows how to handle situations and always knows what to say…clearly people aren’t liking that. With this said, I must also say Vanessa has some REALLY incredible loyal fans out there who love her and supported her game play from Day 1.

PND:  Why do you think there is so much vitriol from fans of the show towards Vanessa?

MO:  I never understood and never will understand the animosity towards Vanessa. My best guess for that would have to be because Vanessa is REALLY good at this game, and a lot of fans out there have their favorite houseguest. It also could be because Vanessa had a hand in almost every eviction and they blame her. I think Vanessa has played a fascinating game, not just because she is my girlfriend but I would have to say she has played the best game this season.

PND:  So what is your prediction for what the final days are going to be like for Vanessa? And what will they be like for you?

MO:  For the live eviction show tonight, Austin will go home. Whoever wins the next HOH will most probably put Vanessa up, but 100% she will win one of the most important Veto competition and save herself and most probably will end up in final 2 with either John or Steve. Of course, she will win overall! I do hope and pray the jury isn’t bitter and understands that Vanessa has played the best game.

While Rousso will get through tonight’s episode (airing at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central) and make the final four, the true test will come over the next 24 hours. Another player will be eliminated on Wednesday’s episode (same broadcast time as Tuesday) and the final three will be determined. Will Rousso make it to that pinnacle? And does she have enough gas to make it to the $500,000 finish line? We’ll have to watch and find out, but you can believe Melissa Ouellet will be watching much more intensely!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I have loved Vanessa from the first time I saw her playing poker on tv. Her thinking process is much more advance then the average joe and her read is almost 100% spot on. And when I saw she was a houseguest on my favorite show my summer was set. Shes the kindest soul and even sent me a signed picture half way across the county just for playing some silly game on twitter. Anyone who bashes her is out of it and jelous. I love everything Melissa said and can’t wait till we can watch her win!

  2. cookingsarah says:

    Well Mel…You can justify how pp are NOT liking Vanessa but for my part jealousy is not it. It’s her attitude towards the HG, her whining, her crying, her paranoia, etc. Gezzzz if she is like that out of the house and u can handle it, well, more power to you

  3. Lady leo says:

    She is so sure that Vanessa will win. Huh. She must know something we don’t know or haven’t seen yet. Time will tell if its rigged. Why they put ppls on their w money I’ll never know. Stupid. Cant stand Vanessa she is playn a game. I hate the way she is always threatening ppl. I hope the hell she gets voted off!

  4. Erin says:

    I’ll always be on Vanessa side, soon as she said she played poker I knew she would win the game. Then later looking up her winnings and titles. She’s a phenomenal player, and anyone who is bitter towards Vanessa is obviously very jealous of her outstanding game play and manipulation skills. Huge bb fan. #govanessa

  5. Pcrosby says:

    Vanessa is a bully does not deserve to win.

  6. Jack says:

    Yeah, we’re all jealous of Vanessa…NOT!!!

  7. Dee says:

    Well. Every year there is a rumor that production has fixed the game. Why don’t we just give credit where credit it due. No matter how good you play the final 5 all come down to winning the VETO . Which she has done when she needs it. If it’s so fixed why does her hoh get screwed up every time. The one person she doesn’t want to win , you guessed it they win !! It creates more blood on her hands. Nothing has been easy for her. Stop the hate. It’s a game and win or loose she has played a great game !!!! Thanks 4 listening

  8. Lisa says:

    Vanessa is amazing at poker and on big brother. It’s kinda funny because when I first seen her on the show I picked her to win the whole thing. While the rest of my family don’t like her. Yes everyone cries and has feelings but she only human. Vanessa deserves to win the game she is the only one who had a hand in every single eviction this season. I mean everyone. Best of luck to Mel and Vanessa you both got my vote.

  9. BB Fan says:

    As a huge poker fan and a huge Big Brother fan, I have loved watching this season as Vanessa has played one of the best games I have ever seen. She has definitely made some mistakes, but the way she has controlled the house has been amazing. All the idiots that comment on Facebook, or elsewhere, are just not very intelligent and aren’t real fans of the show.

  10. Jenn Etcheverry says:

    What I find to be true is that the more intellectual types who are not caught up by superficial reasoning are reasonable enough to understand and appreciate calculated risks and strategic game moves. It’s very apparent the people who do not understand her abilities and strategic careful moves are also the people who lack the ability to articulate and destroy written grammar. What I am saying is, the Vanessa fans trend reasonability, diplomacy, and articulation. Just because you can say things the loudest, or the nastiest, does not indicate truth or righteousness. All Vanessas original fans from the beginning understand and see her putting parts and pieces together. Her introvert personality allows for game study. Never has she taken a day for granted. She’s among the top female poker players for a reason. It’s not luck. It’s not guidance. This is expert game play that will be studied and emulated by future houseguests. Watch closer and you may learn something.

  11. Magemo says:

    I like Van the way she played her game. The best game ever was for evicting Austin, I know Steve gona put Van up on the block but she will win the POV to end up on final. Liked her.

  12. Tami says:

    I’m watching because I am a Vanessa fan. She is heads above the others. She deserves to win.

  13. NOT A GENIUS says:

    The reason why ppl are hating on Vanessa is bc the social path of play she decided to take. I believe that she dos not act like this at all outside of the BB house. I personally do not want to see her win. Yes, she is very brilliant but she does have some personal flaws that I hope she reflects on when she watches the feeds (if she even does after she wins). Just bc I do not like her style of game play (she is not the only one) does not mean I am jealous. Her and her girl need to get over themselves with that statement. I loved her in the first half of the show. She downplayed her looks, up-played her attitude and I thought her and DaVonne would have actually got together by nature. I think when she started playing the whole “off with their heads” they lied they are out thing got to me. What game did she think she is playing? She lied too. She should have kept quiet and her enemies close instead of becoming visibly emotionally unstable and bullying ppl. She was a professional until she stooped that low. Then IDK what happened but I just disliked everything about her. I think it’s when she started telling Steve, “I am a master game theorist.” I think it made me mad the way she felt so arrogant to play that card. She should of held that until jury voting day. I did think she would win, and the jury just may give it to her. You don’t have to be liked to win. But, she needs to do some serious soul searching before she get the big head and goes on TV again. Anyway, It’s just another game, but to say we the viewers are jealous, I do not believe that to be true. I think we would have liked to see the other Vanessa play BB17 and win. Peace!

  14. Anonymous says:

    LOVE VANESSA!!!! she is An awesome player ,no one with any intelligence would dispute that!

  15. Suzie E says:

    I have watched and rooted for Vanessa for many years. I enjoyed her games while she played poker with other stellar poker players. Her strategy and play is great and she is dominating in BB. People may not like how she is winning but, they can not deny that it is working. She is clever and winning the game like many of the great players from other seasons. I really can not understand why people get mad that she has money and believe that is a reason she should not win BB. It does not matter if a HG has $5 or $50,000 in their bank account. Vanessa is a winner. Go Vanessa.

  16. Kelly says:

    Team Vanessa all the way!

  17. Anonymous says:

    90% dont like her….10% like her…you do the math…

  18. Cindy says:

    i don’t think she play that great of a game! It was just that the other players were spineless and had no brain of they own!

  19. Shelly says:

    She is amazing and has played an amazing game and it’s not her fault these other house guest are so afraid of her. If they would play and stop trying to get dates they may be sitting in the final 3 like she is…

  20. Renee says:

    I personally don’t like Vanessa, I know she’s going to win the game and as for big brother it’s self I will no longer be watching it! No matter what anyone says it’s fixed and I’m done!!!

  21. Hence says:

    I completely agree with everything that Not A Genius said. Perfectly stated. Except I didn’t like her from the beginning. Maybe it’s because I saw that her poker advantage would likely lead her to a win. But I do remember that I liked her more than I do now. The way she played was terrible. Yes she manipulated a lot of the house, but she didn’t fool anyone there is a difference. The houseguests this season… So many played stupidly and with their emotions… Just like Vanessa. It’s indisputable that she had her hand in every eviction but a lot of ppl caught on really early. They did nothing. Her own crew knew she was shady and would backstab them, did nothing. She back stabbed them… Did nothing. Vanessa lover can attribute this to her brilliant social manipulation but you can’t take out the fact that many of the house guests own awe of Vanessa gave her an air of superiority in their minds which kept her around so she can either protect them since she’s so good or as a shield. These players were BAD. Yeah she played a great game, but it’s like saying someone had a great career… It’s not the individual who is responsible for everything that happened. But yeah, she played her cards the best way… Even though she gave up great hands time and time again. I will credit her for being able to kes herself up an then course correct. But the truth is, like all games like this. She got lucky.

    Could the game be fixed? Of course this is tv in and it’s all about the money. Will anyone ever know? Probably not.

    To all the ppl who are asking how come her hoh’s were messed up everytime… But then calling all f her fans smart… That is sad. If you fix a game it’s never obvious. You give hints, you make it look real. IF it’s fixed, this is about money, so it has to look real. So they can keep making money.

    In regard to her offering her own money to HGs. It seems that it was observed many times on the feeds. It’s that type of behavior that leads me to not like her. She is desperate and sad IMHO . I like to think I am a good judge of character.. But who knows.

    I do know I’m not jealous… I just don’t like that woman. Not someone i would mess with. Saw her outside the house too. She reads the same way. But she should win. NO one else deserves it… Based on the edited tv show. I hope she doesn’t. She doesn’t need it. Also I don’t like her.

  22. lisa in nashville says:

    Y’all are tripping! First of all, Mel, you are the luckiest girl on the planet! I thought my girlfriend was the shit. But Vanessa is an absolute GENIUS! If anyone other than Vanessa wins, I will die. She is perfect in every way possible. I feel your pain Mel. My nerves have been racked the whole time watching her. I’m a sensitive and I can literally feel her pain if I tune in to her energy. ( which I try not to do without permission, but I can’t help myself) I can see the wheels turning in her head before she even knows they’re turning. I just can’t wait for all the houseguests to see the game she has really played. She doesn’t even have to lie. She gets what she needs done done by any means. Then convinces them it’s in their best interest to get out who she needs out. She’s an even better player than Derek last year! This girl has it all. If there was a 24/7 Vanessa channel I’d never stop watching.

  23. HC says:

    Let’s see:

    *world’s biggest hypocrite
    *backstabs anything that moves
    *acts like it causes her pain to backstab everyone and sobs and cries when she does it, and then does the same exact thing (or even worse) the following week
    *seemingly made no genuine attempt to honor any alliance or friendship in the game, has no honor whatsoever, almost nobody likes a 100% dirty player unless that is their “schtick”
    *played the game dirty to an almost ridiculous level, much more than many viewers and fellow houseguests feel was necessary to advance. The results are not in question, it is the methods used to get them
    *made absolutely absurd and illogical decisions based on paranoia, but still managed to slide through every week with her “poor me” act, comp wins, backstabbing, lying, and sheer luck
    *gets credit for her “genius” “gameplay” when in fact many of her decisions were ridiculous and based on paranoia, regardless of the fact they worked in her favor against all odds
    *narcissist with trust issues

    Many of the most popular BB houseguests are either famous for being complete evil backstabbers, or playing fairly clean games and leaving the house with general goodwill towards them.

    Vanessa is the former, except she puts on a poor act of being the latter. Her lover’s excuses ring hollow, actions speak louder than words. She is no genius, she is just willing to backstab anyone and everyone while demanding they not do the same to her or else they are bad naughty liars. She made some horrid game decisions and lucked through along with a bit of brute force via comps.

    I’m not saying she is the worst player ever, just that it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she isn’t well liked. She is a standard overplayed BB weasel, and not even a very good one. Completely obvious… I’d mistrust her before she finished speaking her first sentence to me.

    The part where her lover said she was good at talking her way out of things, as if that is something to brag about, was a quite telling reveal of her personality. Normally you would call that good gameplay, except that the entire house saw right through her from almost day one. I’m still scratching my head as to why she is still in the game.

    If she wins, fine, but you’ll never convince me it was any more well deserved than any other half rate backstab that has been on the show.

  24. skeptical onlooker says:

    I think you’re prolly a very nice person. And loyal..and in love.
    However…there is a difference in being a player who lies and backstabs. That’s part of the game.
    BUT..Vanessa is such an insecure woman. Plays the bully card. Why can’t she just own her decisions?
    NO!! She cries, lies bullies, plays the victim, the lesbian card.
    In truth..a very unlikeable person. And..sorry to say..mentally unstable.
    Perhaps you can help her.
    However…I think after a’ll have had enough.
    Vanessa is desperate and broke. And..she’ll blow through the money.
    Insecure , unstable, and empty.
    Good Luck, though. You’re and loyal, I believe.
    Just don’t throw your chips in..and find out that they’re worthless. Vanessa is a liar..disloyal, a manipulator. She thinks bribing is fine. SAD!

  25. stlmaggie says:

    Mel calls Vanessa smart and a genius. What intelligent adult uses the word “retarded” as a derogatory comment about someone or something? A crass, vile, stupid person – that’s who. That’s what turned me against Vanessa. Pure and simple, her continued use of that word is unacceptable. Intelligent? Nah!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I really love Vanessa and her game play. I think you are spot on when you say people hate her because she evicted their favorite HG. It is precisely why people started watching and now just want to call this “fixing” the game for her or want to quit watching. It just shows that some will say anything louder and nastier than everyone to be heard because they are hurt their favorites are out. In the end, I am sure the other HGs can see it more of a move game from Vanessa than viewers that are hating on her while never actually living in the house which I find hilarious. It is almost as if they have never watched Big Brother before while they probably did but just want some HGs to play the way they want to keep their favorite in the game. I say keep your head up for Vanessa and stay strong for her!

  27. JohnRambosbloodyboner says:

    The truth is vanessa is a great game player. It doesnt mean that I like her game. I do not like how she plays the victim or she makes character attacks aginst people like saying “johnny is a bad persob because of the music he likes”. I mean he is a dentist van. You are the horrible person with the way you did chad brown dirty by taking all of his money and then one day out of the blue you say you are lesbian. What people who don’t know you, don’t know is that you need the money from this game. Yes you are a pro poker player bit you are heavily staked in games and you owe more than a few people in vegas money, or the fact that your tourneys are payed by sponsors. Ill admit a few things. You are kind of a dj or producer, because you traded dj lisa to trade you dj lessons for poker lessons and you paid to go to berkley for online classes. That doesn’t mean you are a dj. What it means is that you didn’t have to work hard becauae you used your celebrity to promote your dj bs. I will admit that you are very smart and i guarantee that whoever says you aren’t has not graduated from Duke. The truth is that you are very good at this game but you are not an all time great. It is cute that you have idiots like lisa from this board that will do anything to meet you, and with fan girls like that i guess you are famous now

  28. BB fan says:

    I appreciate her strategic moves and I’m aware that to play well one has to lie and manipulate, however she does it to the point of absolute bullying and then she plays the victim. I have a hard time believing that someone could be this good at it just for the sake of the game. Even when they are playing the game full on, every house guest shows some of their true personality and you get an idea of who they are on the outside. I have a hard time believing that Vanessa has none of these backstabbing, manipulative traits outside of the game.To be able to do it that well and that frequently, tells me that some of that behavior is the true Vanessa and not just Big Brother Vanessa. Me not wanting her to win has nothing to do with game play(she is good at it)but i don’t care for her as a person.

  29. OmaGaud says:

    I just don’t like Vanessa and um, “Here’s Why”, um. Um well um I can’t really remember but um I know I have good reason. Um and whatever that reason is um, it’s important that um you think exactly what I think. And um, it’s also important that you do exactly what I expect you to do and only that and um, you absolutely cannot lie to me or do those other disloyal things that I am allowed to do. Yeah. um that’s it that’s the reason. Oh and one more thing. If um you don’t think what I tell you to think, and um if you don’t do what I tell you to do, um I’ll cry because I am only trying to help you because I am such a good person.

  30. Kim says:

    I enjoyed watching Vanessa play this year she defantly will be remembered that’s for sure amd she deserves to win she’s played an amazing game the crying and lying I say turn it on when need be lol great game Vanessa

  31. NikkiHyde says:

    Sorry not jealous of mentally unstable pill popping bullies like Vanessa. Almost everyone I’ve talked to that is outside of the BB fandom hates Vanessa. She is so unpleasant to watch on every level. She is not entertaining, she makes Courtney love look at the Sain unpleasant to watch on every level. She is not entertaining at al. I see a sad, insecure, vile little creature who speaks of. loyalties and integrity but deep down she has none

  32. Darlene says:

    Mo& Vanessa, to heck with the haters.She has done a hell of good job,an I Know she is hurting from the first part,sure wish she get in a nice tub of hot water I feel her pain.Vanessa I wish you all the luck,an if the jury does not pick you they need there heads exam,your a winner !!!!!! PS Love you both

  33. Darlene says:

    Vanessa win win win

  34. Dr. Ehrenberg says:

    Vanassa needs psychological help. As a psychologist who works hard to stop bullies she has shown everyone what a true bully is. She needs to get control over her anxiety and you can not say it is just because she is in the house. I feel her personality is an over anxious person that needs to get her insecurity under control. Also she may of loved the game and wanted to play so if she wins what charity is she giving the money to as we know she has the ability to make millions.

  35. Team BB says:

    Im a BB fan my favorite player was James, Meg then Vanessa. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Playing poker is a individual quiet game against the house.I give Vanessa credit for a great game and great moves. They all knew she was a poker player she never hide that from anyone. Mel, don’t let anyone or anything people say bother you. Its easier said then done..They are just bitter people..I wish you and Vanessa much happiness after BB. Maybe a long vacation so Vanessa can re group. Lol.

  36. Moreck says:

    Sweetie, it’s not jealousy, at least not from me. Vanessa has been a huge bully in the house, but she’s always the first to cry and throw out hysterics when it’s the other person that should be crying. She never owns her game and constantly plays the victim. THAT’s why people don’t like her.

  37. Judi says:

    Thank Vanessa for myself in what a fantastic game she has played. She is a genius and it seems a wonderful human being. Keep in touch, Judi Crosley

  38. Anonymous says:

    If vanessa wins proves the show waa rigged and will be last season i EVER WATCH

  39. Crystal Kanz says:

    Vanessa is a narcissist. She has serious issues as fries Mel who worships her. They both need therapy. Sick ppl. I am disgusted by Van using the ‘R’ word. That is discriminatory behavior. Shame on her. Mel if you can put up with her whining and controlling behavior then you need help too. That makes you a victim of her bullying.

  40. Emily says:

    I may hate Vanessa but am not jealous. Why would I be jealous of a paranoid, backstabbing, hypoctical, always playing the victim kind of person? I am not jealous of anyone. For those who want her to win, including her girlfriend, obviously have rose colored glasses on and don’t see who she really is. I guess if you’re a lying, manipulative person like her, you don’t see anything wrong with her actions. I do believe you can play big brother without being a whiny, backstabbing liar.

  41. kimee7777 says:


  42. Judi says:

    Vanessa absolutely deserves to win BB17. Her strategic moves alone made the show worth watching. She is a kind human being to her opponents in the game. I frankly don’t know how she stood Steve throughout the ordeal but she was always kind and somewhat of a big sister to him. Always willing to tell him things about himself with constructive criticism. You go girl.

  43. Judi says:

    Vanessa made BB17 worth watching. Britney Haynes said she was one to watch that she was playing the best game. Go girl.

  44. Gloria says:

    I will never watch BB again if it’s rigged.

  45. LegalBeagle says:

    JEALOUS!!! Of what??? No way!!! I am a strong, independent woman, mother, grandmother and wife. I have worked hard to get where I am in my life, through many trials and personal mistakes. ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS. Vanessa speaks of loyalty, she probably even knows the definition, but she shows absolutely NO sign of being loyal to anyone but Mel (and, if I were you girl, I wouldn’t trust that, it is a HUGE SHOW!) she LIES and gets mad because someone lied and that hurts her (whine included). She says she is a good person, yet I see absolutely no good in bullying others, especially those you have told you were their friend. She is mean-sprited, cruel with her vicious words, attacks people in their weaknesses, and uses very derogatory words that have long been considered so. Who calls people that horrible ‘R’ word? She could have used only her ‘Master Game Theology’ and gotten to the point in the game she has, without being such a wicked, evil person. I hope all of her so-called ‘we can be friends outside the house’ go back and look at her actions and then call her out. I also want to know what charity she is donating her winnings to should she win? Since she does not need the money (her words). Maybe a charity to help fight bullying, or helps children with learning disabilities, or Down Syndrome, Children’s Cancer, Domestic Violence, Mental Illness????

  46. CommonSense says:

    Her constant self proclaimed mastery of the game and her belief that she KNOWS when someone is lying to her are just two of the qualities that make her so annoying and unbearable to watch. I have watched BB for the last 10 years and she is the only player I’ve disliked this much who hasn’t been evicted. Usually the truly annoying players are weeded out pretty quick by the other houseguests. This has just been the perfect storm of who I would consider the most annoying houseguest to ever play the game being coupled with the weakest cast ever compiled by BB. There were some cool personalities (James, John, hell even Jason), but not one of them were strong gamers. Becky, who was an average player at best was the closest to getting Vannessa out and the voters all chickened out. We all know the producers manipulate the game through the conversations in the diary room, even by the questions they ask, and unfortunately for those of us watching at home, Vannessa has been the only one able to read into those questions and adjust her game accordingly. She deserves to win, but it’s unfortunate that the rest of the house who seems to hate her as much as the majority of the viewers, didn’t have the ability to get rid of her. I hope this season is salvaged with Steve winning the final HOH and taking Liz with him to the final 2, and Vannessa won’t have the time to manipulate the jurors since she will have just joined them, with tears in her eyes and crying “how did this happen, I’m such a good person and the best player to ever play the game”!

  47. HiBidr says:

    Well, Mel, you may know your girlfriend, but you don’t know most BB fans and you certainly don’t know me and I’m definitely NOT jealous of Vanessa, in fact I’d hate to be her. No, thank you; I’m completely satisfied and happy with my mediocre and comfortable life and I’ll pass on the constant paranoia, indecision, social awkwardness and the need for reassurance that seem to consume her every day.

    Vanessa will probably win BB 17, but she’s not the best BB player – by far. She’s played an incredibly messy, one faceted game full of weekly backfired plans accompanied by histrionics, tears, and bullying, (played with a weak and socially insecure and malleable cast) which are NOT the traits found in the best BB players.

  48. flyingeagle047 says:

    HUGE .. Van Fan, not just in Poker, but in one of my Fav. reality shows BB.. I have supported her since day one and believe that Van played the game SPOT ON !!! She’s done NOTHING in her gameplay that’s not been done before, she just plays at a higher level than most can understand.. The tears in most cases were genuine and real and I give her HUGE props for her gameplay.. Mel I believe and see how much you support Vanessa, and I’m thankful that you were able to get passed some of the mean cruel comments mad about the love of your life . It shows that you truly love and support her.. So many times I sent HUGS to you and Van’s family and I’m just thankful this season is at the end.. I have NO doubt we will all see that Vanessa Rousso is BB17 Winner !!!! she played a great strategic game whether you like her on a personal level or not , facts don’t lie. Many former GREATS of this game have given Vanessa MUCH credit , where its due :))

  49. Daniel says:

    Yes, she is so great,and so smart,led her all the way to third place!! That was GREAT, taken out by the boy, that must have really stung, still does
    probably, being so smart and all. She was so mad, but didn’t have time to cry on anyone, or reason to bully anyone. Her last parting shot was to vote for Liz to win over Steve. Real mature. I am so happy to know that a person can win this game without lying, bullying, and intimidating people all of which were part of Vanessa’s game play. What’s funny too is, had Steve been voted out, he would have voted for Vanessa to win…..chew on that. Congrats to Steve, the best player in the house, and soon to forget the persons name who came in third.

  50. TB says:

    Considering Mel said she reads *all* social media i think it’s a bit unfair to really unload on Vanessa this much. I understand she put herself into the spotlight by joining Big Brother but these people are still human. Just because they are on a TV screen doesn’t turn them into robots without feelings.

    On the other side Mel shouldn’t say things like “the haters are just jealous”. That is begging for harsh replies.

    Objectively Vanessa needed to work on her social game. Just look at the conversation between her and James in the HoH room when James suggested she was playing too hard. Her reaction showed she has huge issues with any kind of critique.

    Also you can’t tell people how smart you are, or that you earn a ton of cash in your profession. That is also asking for people to hate you even if they had no opinion beforehand.

    Many ‘thinking’ people fall into this trap.

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