There have been many poker programs created since the “boom” of the Aughts. These programs, for the most part, usually take the show “on the road” to different casinos or, on the odd occasion, a studio setting. The brains behind the popular poker program Poker Night in America have come up with a concept that might change the game – but just what will it be?

“Studio 52” to Debut Monday Night

Last week, Rush Street Interactive (the owners behind Poker Night in America) unveiled a brand-new location that will serve as part clubhouse, part recording studio for their televised poker product. Called Studio 52, the new digs are a 10,000-square-foot mansion in the Las Vegas area (physical location naturally a secret) that will serve as their base. It seems that there will be a variety of programming that will emanate from this location.

One of the more interesting programming pieces will feature World Series of Poker announcer Lon McEachern reporting from the grounds. The YouTube world is getting in on the act with award-winning streamer Joey Ingram getting some time in Studio 52, while the ladies are represented by ‘Aceholes’ partners Nikki Limo and Caitlin Comeskey. Add in Jason Somerville of “Run It Up,” Phil Galfond, and poker coach Lexy Gavin-Mathers, and the poker angles will be covered.

But there’s more than just poker set to come from PNIA and Studio 52. The property has a wide expanse of outdoor areas that will allow for games other than poker to be played, and a full kitchen (the champion of Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, DJ Chef, will be employing his skills during Opening Night). It will all be unveiled on Monday at 10 PM (EDT) when their live stream is turned on for the fans to see.

What Can Viewers Expect?

“You never know who’s going to show up at Studio 52 but you’re sure to see some recognizable faces in a whole new light,” Todd Anderson, the founder of PNIA and the mastermind behind Studio 52, promised. “We’re breaking the mold for TV poker and doing things we couldn’t do in a casino setting. We are rolling out the red carpet at our Vegas mansion for these stars to give players and fans at home the feeling that they too are attending the exclusive parties.”

“With the release of Studio 52, we’re redefining what a live poker show can be, and BetRivers is thrilled to bring this new twist on poker entertainment to both players and fans alike,” said Richard Schwartz, the Chief Executive Officer at Rush Street Interactive. “Poker Night in America’s new Vegas home, like BetRivers, is the ultimate hangout for players who enjoy the rush of betting and having fun. These poker purists and poker enthusiasts are also passionate about online casino and sportsbook betting, so this is another step in our strategy of creating high-quality and unique experiences for our current and prospective players.”

From a look at their website, there could be a wealth of possibilities to come from Studio 52. There is a full studio set up for use, and several fully operational poker tables are in the mansion. Could we see something like a Big Brother-style program, where viewers will have a chance to see normal people vie for the opportunity to be a “High Roller” in Las Vegas? Will there be monster cash games on the property that brings in the crème of the poker world? Will there be entertaining programming not associated with card playing and/or poker news broadcast to the world? It does seem that the possibilities are endless for what could come out of Studio 52.

Monday night, the world will have its first look at Studio 52. You can catch the opening at 10 PM (EDT) through the Poker Night in America YouTube page or, if Twitch is your thing, the PNIA page there will provide your viewing pleasure. More information on the new Studio 52 (and a method to be informed of future activities on the property) can be found at the website,

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