The finale of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice wrapped up on Sunday night with comedian Joan Rivers besting poker pro Annie Duke. Rivers’ charity, God’s Love We Deliver, will receive $250,000 plus money raised earlier in the season.

The setting of the live three hour Celebrity Apprentice finale was the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The competition began on March 1st with 16 contestants, eight men and eight women. Ten weeks later, Rivers emerged as its champion. After West Coast Choppers CEO Jesse James and Playboy Playmate of the Year Brande Roderick were fired last week, Rivers and Duke returned to their suite in Trump Towers. The duo was anything but pleasant to each other, with Rivers summing the mood up, “I think you’re really smart. I think you’re going to be fabulous competition, but we don’t have to be best friends.”

Six former contestants returned to help Duke and Rivers in their final task. A coin flip was used to determine who would receive the first pick. Duke chose heads, won, and selected Roderick, Rivers selected Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker, Duke picked NBA legend Dennis Rodman, Rivers selected country music star Clint Black, Duke chose comedian Tom Green, and Rivers selected her daughter, Melissa, with the final pick. The younger Rivers told her mother not to select her early on since previously calling Duke a “whore pit viper” would mean the World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner would likely not pick her.

The task was to host a VIP party and silent auction featuring celebrity experiences. Teams were asked to incorporate a Limited Edition Celebrity Apprentice Kodak digital picture frame and also sell tickets to the Cirque du Soleil show Wintuk. Duke and Rivers would be judged on five criteria – the amount of money raised, level of Kodak product integration, level of charity integration, the celebrities in attendance, and the overall guest experience. Rivers dubbed the battle “good versus evil” and Duke made it a goal to raise $500,000. The Ultimate Bet pro commented, “I want to beat Joan Rivers with an exclamation point. Unless she raises $700,000, I know I’m going to win.”

After both teams had met with Kodak executives, Duke immediately put her cell phone to work, calling fellow poker pro Perry Friedman, who had already appeared on two episodes during the second season of Celebrity Apprentice. Duke commented, “The fact that Joan Rivers called all poker players ‘white trash’ helps me because I can call up my poker player friends and say, ‘I’m playing against Joan Rivers and guess what she said about you?’” Friedman offered to donate $20,000 to the cause.

Rivers also got on the horn, telling one prospective donor, “I’m doing the Celebrity Apprentice and it’s between me and a girl who’s the biggest piece of shit in the world.” At the same time, she quickly grew tired of her assigned event planner, as a lack of vision allegedly led to the event planning company pulling out of the Celebrity Apprentice finale. Meanwhile, Duke, who was seeking to purchase ice sculptures, visited the event planning offices and was promptly shown the exit. She told NBC cameras, “The other team didn’t like them and so the event company has quit. This is fucked up.” The incident occurred after 5:00pm on a Friday, leaving both Rivers and Duke scrambling to organize the massive fundraiser the next day.

Duke lashed because of her predicament, commenting, “Now I’m freaking out because I have a raw space. I can’t believe that because Joan Rivers doesn’t know how to treat another human being, I became collateral damage.” The live studio audience in attendance in New York cheered loudly at the comment. Duke then asserted, “It was war before this happened, but now I am going to crush her like nothing you’ve ever seen.” The WSOP veteran continued to vent her frustration, telling one phone call recipient, “This woman needs to die,” a comment that was later frowned upon by show host Donald Trump during the live boardroom.

Rivers tackled the dilemma of not having an event planning company onboard by turning to her charity for help. The President, CEO, and a bevy of volunteers from God’s Love We Deliver came to the rescue. Duke received a breakthrough of her own when she made contact with an event planner that owned a warehouse full of supplies. She explained, “The number of people who have dropped their lives to come out for me is amazing.”

The morning of the event, Duke left Trump International Hotel and Tower with Green. Duke filled the comedian in on the Celebrity Apprentice gossip since Green was fired in Week 3: “I have been maligned and my character has been assassinated every week. She started attacking me in the most personal way.” Green retorted, “That’s not personal; it’s just a joke.” At the venue, Rivers’ setup involved each guest walking through an oversized Kodak picture frame to bid on auction items such as an Amsale dress, a game-worn Brett Favre jersey, and a necklace worn by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Rodman donned his signature drag queen outfit and took pictures with those walking the red carpet at Duke’s event, who included her brother Howard Lederer, Ultimate Bet Star Player “Hollywood” Dave Stann, 11-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, Full Tilt Poker pro Andy Bloch, boxers Bernard Hopkins and Joe Frazier, and figure skating champion Oksana Baiul. Characters from Wintuk also turned out, interacting with guests and even juggling with Duke.

Hellmuth bid on a round of golf with Natalie Gulbis, a former contestant on Celebrity Apprentice who was one of three candidates not to appear at the finale (Khloe Kardashian and Tionne Watkins were the others). He commented, “$25,000 for a round of golf with Natalie? That should get it done.” Rivers commented on those in attendance at Duke’s gala: “Annie has people that have cash stuck in their shoes. I don’t have those people, so if we’re going to win, we’re going to win on all of the other criteria.” Rivers’ event featured “Desperate Housewives” star Kyle MacLachlan, comedian Kathy Griffin, “American Idol” contestant Constantine Maroulis, and the cast of the Broadway hit “Chicago.”

The final boardroom began with Duke defending poker as a game of skill separate from gambling. She explained to Trump, “Poker is a skill game, so you can think of [my friends] as investors.” Trump then inquired, “Poker is also a gamble?” Duke responded, “Less than the stock market.” Referring to Duke, Rivers chimed in, “This is so disgusting. This is everything I did not believe in for 75 years. I’ve lived my life with honor.” She then insinuated that poker players are members of organized crime, noting, “I was told your money is all Mafia money.”

In the end, Rivers’ team raised $150,830 for her charity. Duke tripled that total, recording $465,725. Kodak executives also gave the nod to Duke on charity integration using digital picture frames as well as in-party signage. The other three categories – celebrities in attendance, Kodak integration, and overall guest experience – all were won by Rivers, giving the longtime comedy staple a 3-2 edge. Nevertheless, Duke remained optimistic. The Poker News Daily columnist remarked, “I’m really happy. I came away with really great friends. Charity and friends: That’s what makes the world go round.”

Trump then brought in the winner and runner up of Celebrity Apprentice Season 1, Piers Morgan and Trace Adkins (respectively); both said they would hire Rivers. Rodman and figure skating legend Scott Hamilton, who was fired in Week 2, agreed. Contrastingly, James suggested that Trump hire Duke. Rivers argued that she should be the Celebrity Apprentice because she represents “winning and business in the new way that this country is taking on.” Duke responded, “If it’s about raising money, I did better. If it’s about winning more challenges, I did better.” Donald Trump, Jr. gave his two cents: “As a business person, I really respect that Annie lives and breathes game theory: No emotion; she just makes decisions.”

In the end, however, Rivers was crowned the Celebrity Apprentice for Season 2. The two adversaries embraced after Trump announced his decision. Duke’s charity, Refugees International, received over $700,000 from the NBC reality show, while Rivers’ charity gained over $500,000. Celebrity Apprentice will return in one year for Season 3, its ninth overall.


  1. Georgia says:

    Joan Rivers is a despicable liar, unprofessional in her behavior, but a friend of Donald Trump, so obviously she had to win. Annie Duke was outstanding on every task, clearly extremely intelligent, competent and hard-working. I am so disgusted by Trump’s obvious bias that I will not watch this show again in the future. Annie Duke came out so far ahead of every single other competitor that there WAS no competition. Yet Trump managed to find a way to fire her. For what? Being too smart? And I loved what she said about Joan’s boardroom behavior. Annie Duke had the guts to criticize Trump for not responding to Joan’s personal attacks (including calling Duke worse than Hitler). Furthermore, with all those years in show biz, it says everything that Joan had such a hard time coming up with donors, while Annie did not. But, above everything, Joan’s BS speech about “honor” really nauseated me. She LIED, bald-faced, about why the designer quit. And she character-assassinated Duke when she was outplayed. THAT is honorable? Give me a break. Prior to this show I had almost no opinion about Joan Rivers and didn’t know much about Annie Duke. Now I admire Ms. Duke and despise Joan. Not an admirable human being at all. Congrats to Annie for her hard work and intelligence.

  2. s says:

    I couldn’t believe it. Joan didn’t even deserve to be in the finals (Jesse should have been there).

  3. Niki says:

    Can’t stand Annie Duke. Joan is a fireball and I didn’t agree with a lot of her tactics, but I was rooting for her to win. Annie makes me sick – just a mean, nasty person. I wouldn’t want her in my home for sure.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree completely with Georgia. Donald Trump made the complete wrong decision for no reason.

  5. GG says:

    Are you kidding? Annie would have stabbed her own mother for money in order to win…of course she would have stabbed her in the back while proclaiming love & gratitude to her face.Joan played w/heart, humore, & patience in the face of ridiculously inept team members save Hershel Walker.
    If I wanted a human pit bull, I’d hire Annie. For the Celebrity Apprentice I’d vote for Joan but more to the point, Joan won by the numbers fair & square…now perhaps if bluffing & scheming was allowed, annie would have had a shot.

  6. Brooke says:

    Annie is so full of herself, I’m so glad she lost! What a bitch!

  7. Tanya says:

    I second that…Joan Rivers is a DISPICABLE LIAR. Joan not only is a discrace to those in celebrity status but for a woman her age to be so vulgar as to use insults pertaining to Hitler,
    this was attrotious. Not only did Joan constantly interupt Annie, she bold faced lied to keep herself afloat in this game. The whole idea that this is acceptable behavior by anyone in Donald Trumps’ position is appauling. I hope those in the entertainment world took a close look at how Joans’ star power just dwindled, you book her after this and you would be aligning yourself with someone who lowers themself to pond scum to get a job done. Not only that I sincerly hope that those who book shows in the Casino industry have taken note and will forever bouycot her due to her slanderous statements about their industry. I will forever change my channel if Joan Rivers has anything to do with the program, that includes the red carpet events hosted by her. I for one am shocked to actually see this side of a well known celebrity and now be aware of what type of individual she is with all her vulgar statements…Vile just Vile!!!
    Annie Duke played this game with such poise, forgiving her defences which were only risen when pushed by the Rivers’ women. Annie in my opinion won hands down, I wish her the best in her life endeavors. She had a tough crowd to deal with in this game, but for the utter blindness and favoratism given by Trump…what in the world was he thinking?…
    This reflects poorly on his own judge of character….My what has the world come to when someone can use the vulgarity Joan has and still come out the winner. Joan’s clear reference to a past warlord and his army, that was astonishing. True two faced individual she is…I doubt there are many who did not take any offence to this. May her own words trip her up and trip her up good!! Huge applause to Annie Duke for a job well done.

  8. Matt says:

    I can’t believe what I just saw. Annie was the clear winner – she should be proud of how she played the game. Joan is such a rude person – I have absolutely no respect for that woman. Something is fishy here – all I can say is that I will no longer watch another Apprentice show.

  9. Greg the Mongoose says:

    Trump in the Tank. AS A POKER PLAYER I WILL NEVER STAY AT OR PLAY IN A TRUMP CASINO OR PROPERTY! Since TRUMP has let his girlfriend Rivers call POKER PLAYER, Mafia, Trash, ect. DONALD TRUMP SILENCE ON THE MATTER SPEAKS VOLUMES…. Your show is banned in my house hold.


  10. OhMyGoddess says:

    First let me say that this finale show did NOT need to be 3 hours long. It was like being in labor waiting for the ending. That said, I like Joan Rivers and had never even heard of Annie Duke before this show. Both brought different skill sets to the game. However, Annie acted like a child. If the words “I”, “me”, or “my” were removed from the English language, she wouldn’t have thing to say. She spent most of the episode telling her team members how much Joan disrespected her their absence or letting everyone who would listen know that the designer quit because of Joan. David Turturo quit because he’s a drama queen who didn’t want to listen to his client. However, it was really unprofessional for him to leave Annie hanging without being “man” enough to tell her why. Even if he couldn’t work with Joan, what did that have to do with Annie? I think he figured out that neither he or his assistant could deliver for either contestant. Throughout the show, Annie alternated from beating her chest over her omnipotence or whining about Joan. She even bored her own team members with her constant bitching. During the final task, not once did Joan River say anything negative about Annie – she remained focused on winning. Her party was more exciting and innovative. The impersonators were great and she brought in celebrities who were instantly recognized. Meanwhile, Annie was living in a bubble of “faux-celebrities”, with guest poker players who no one knows outside of Las Vegas casinos! On this show, Annie was out of her league. Joan Rivers, in her 75 years, has done everything whereas Annie has only excelled in POKER! Annie may be the best at what she does but playing poker is not a team sport. Annie’s handling of her team mates and the other contestants shows her total lack of “people skills”. She even used her smarmy skill set to get money out of her friends, using them like a dirty Kleenex during flu season. Getting money is the easiest thing that a woman can do – after all, it IS the world’s oldest profession and Annie excels at it. But that doesn’t make you any all-around business person nor is it honorable. Donald Trump made the right decision because Joan is timeless. No one, outside the very small poker community, will remember the spiteful, hateful, conniving, and unprofessional Annie Duke after last night. Her face will soon be forgotten – BOTH of them!

  11. Candice Hollinger says:

    The fact that Donald “Idiot” Trump picked Joan Rivers to win Celebrity Apprientice proves that the show really should be called “Whose Ass to I kiss on a Daily Basis” Because unless he wants to lie to the entire world and himself, he knows that in a real money making business board room Joan would be acctionable for the slim that spewed out of her and her infintile daughters mouth. Donald Trump SUCKS and I will never watch another Apprentice whether it is a Celebrity Apprentice or not, again. Donald and the creators of that show are descusting. I guess prominate and famous people no longer thing they need to show a kinder side to themselves. All this celebrity apprentice season did was show what some celebrities are capable of. There were some truely wonderful ones like Annie Duke, Jesse James, Clint Black, and Brande Rodnick. And some truely bad ones like Joan Rivers, her daughter Melissa, and Dennis Rodman (though no suprise, he has never hide his deprevaty). And one finale thing, for Donald to censor Jesse for calling Dennis stupid, while never censoring Joan for names like, Hitler, Nazi, Mafia, Hore, trash and thats not all of them, shows how stupid of a human being Donald Trump is.

  12. Len says:

    What a mistake Trump made. Very cleaver editing left Annie holding the bag on the event planner fiasco, as if she was making up a story about why the planners quit. I was amazed at how Trump seem to be siding with Joan on that issue. He also seemed to be taking a harder line on the poker industry and the poker players, then in previous shows. The poker world did not seem to keep their wallets shut, and were only to glad to donate money. Where was all the hollywood celvbity money which is a much larger base of people. Joan has been in the business for 60 years and Annir is a realive unkown other then the poker world, yet she was able to raise so much more money througout the show.

    I beginning to wonder if there were odds made on the winner in Vegas, and Trump beneifited from a nice side bet!! What other rational reason could there be for him to pick Joan. Joan showed her true colors as a nasty, bigoted, perosn. She basically said she was above other people, and called Annies world trash. I don’t get it.

  13. Mark says:

    Georgia—Chill out. You’re right that there “was no competition,” but it had nothing to do with individuals’ performances. It’s because reality TV is fake. Sorry to break that to you if you didn’t know, but about 50% of what you see is staged and the rest is manipulated by the editing crews.

    Your comment about Joan’s donors is also funny. The fact that Joan’s friends didn’t come on the show doesn’t mean that people like Annie better; it means that Annie’s friends aren’t A-list. Real, heavyweight celebrities and moviestars (like Sandra Bullock, for example) wouldn’t go near this show. Their agents wouldn’t let them. They’re above it, and it would only hurt their image to be associated with the four-letter-word of “reality TV.”

    But the poker world *has* been fueled by Mafia money. Who knows whether that’s true of Annie Duke specifically as a player; maybe it isn’t. But come on, we all know it’s true as a general proposition.

  14. sharon says:

    I can only echo the words of Oh My Goddess. I, too, noticed Annie Duke using I, me and my
    many, many times. The whole season was about her. It was noticeable in every board room meeting and with every task. She did all the talking and ran with her own ideas, telling
    others what to do. It was obvious that Brande was the only one who liked her and I think
    that was because Brande saw that Annie was the one to hitch her wagon to if she wanted to succeed.

  15. Joan was the obvious winner says:

    Annie Duke did not deserve to win because she does not RESPECT her teammates. She is 2-faced and not trustworthy. Trump said she is emotionless for the most part. Why did LeBron win the MVP instead of Kobe… maybe because respecting those around you is part of the relationship piece that is necessary for success. It is true that Joan said some snide things along the way, but the overally deep respect for others was always obvious. Would I respond to someone who is calculating, 2-faced, and emotionless the way Annie-the-poker-player is the same way Joan and her daughter did? Most people would. Annie, it’s not ALWAYS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, ALL ABOUT WINNING; sometimes it’s about being involved with people on a level of caring rather than using. Thank you to TRUMP for making the right decision. Joan is a professional and she cares for others.

  16. Ian Grunt says:

    Joan was the obvious choice, if you’re producing TV. She is one meltdown after another. Nothing like watching AFV, America’s Fuming Volcanoewoman.

    Annie was aggressively professional and all business. Just not “entertainment worthy”.

    Had Brandy made it to the finals, then bye-bye Joan.

  17. andre says:

    If Joan Rivers is a role model as the big D (fill in your own letters) said, this country has big problem. What a disappointment. Annie Duke acted with admirable business acumen and clearly should have been selected as the winner. They say Joan won the celebrity part and that got her three out if five of the criteria wins. What, with a bunch of flaming female impersonators? Although Annie did concentrate on herself, that’s what the game was designed for. To win. Simple as that. Even my 10-year old daughter has more class and better manners than what either of the Rivers displayed throughout the program with their spoiled brattitudes and stamp-my-feet childish outbursts. At least we still have enough rights in this country – at least for now – to change the channel. As such, next year, I’ll be tuning in to FOX or CBS. Hear that, advertisers? Oh, yeah….let’s see how Trump – if he is such a passive critic of someone’s true “character” – treats Miss California, who has been thrown under the rug for something as simple as supporting normal marriages. Maybe he should hire Joan, Melissa and Perez Hilton, and put them in charge of one of his most expensive properties.

  18. Joan Rivers should have been called out by Donald Trump for the uncalled for remarks she made about Annie Duke. Celebrity Apprentice has now become another one of those fixed reality show and that’s a shame.

  19. Poker Guy says:

    Quitters, win? Raise less money, win? Sounds like a load of horse dung to me. Trump… poor decision, you should be ashamed.

  20. Judy says:

    I never new of Annie Duke until this season of Apprentice. Right out of the gate she came off as an “all about me” kind of person. But what really turned me off about her was when they have the segment of her being project manager and her team had to come up with a new meal for a certain company. She stood, on camera, (a mother of 4 children) and had the nerve to say right to the camera, “I’m a complete woman – I can cook, take care of 4 children and they bleeped out her saying what a great blow job she gives.” This is a mother? This is someone who is here to win for her charity? Or is this someone who is so insecure about herself that no matter what anyone else did, she was the best. She is an insecure individiual whose ego has no basis in reality. And she is certainly no a “mother” role.

    My father was a compulsive gambler. And professional or otherwise, gamblers share the same single trait – Nothing is more important that the game, regardless of who gets hurt.

    For those of you who do not like Joan, I do agree that there are things she did that she could have done differently, but at the end of the day she won because her CHARITY came first. Annie lost because she made it all about HER.

  21. Judy says:

    Oh and one more thought. As far as the event planner goes? He quit because Joan had a certain idea of what kind of a theme she wanted for the event and he did not seem to grasp her concept. He got frustrated with Joan because she told him the truth – that she wanted someone to come and work with him who knew her better and could help get her ideas off the ground. It seems from what they showed of the conversation that he felt insulted and frustrated and pressed for time and just gave up.

    Now if this company that the event planner worked for had any class, they would have tried to work things out knowing that these were charity events or, at the very least, not exclude Annie Duke from the process. But that was their choice and should not be blamed on Joan. This company acted like a bunch of drama queens.

    Now as far as Joan not having any celebrity to come forward to her event, let me tell you that the people who did show up were impressive and important – forgetting celebrity, how about CEO of her charity, VP’s and other executives of her charity, volunteers and more? How much do they think of her to show up like this – apparently a great deal.

    And, in the end, what she pulled off was nothing short of magic. And why, because she lived and breathed the purpose – to make money for her charity.

    Annie lived and breathed making sure that everyone who how great she thought she was. I will give her credit, she did raise a huge amount of money for her charity. But she also raised a lot of eye brows as to what kind of person she is and whether someone like her should be raising her children. She is no example for what any child should grow up to be.

    The best PERSON did win! And the LOSER lost.

  22. Karen says:

    Annie Duke lost because money is all she understands. While Joan is not in the poor house, she has class! She is an old school comedian. Her comment were sometimes low but she is sharp as a tack. Annie was a bore with rich friends. She had nothing else. Oh, let’s not forget her puppet. Brandi. I think Joan gave us the whole package whereas Annie, was just blah!!!

  23. lydiaa says:

    Judy said it well. I had previous knowledge of Annie Duke and who she was from watching various poker tournaments on television and had a fairly good impression of her. After watching her on CA, I started to immensely dislike her. She was so self-involved and made everything about her. I’m sure Joan took an immediate dislike to her because after being in the business that long, she’d seen quite a few Annie Dukes in her day and just cut to the chase and spoke her mind. Annie’s reference to her oral skills disgusted me and confirmed everything Joan previously stated about her being white trash. Brande, the Playboy bunny, didn’t even make comments like that.

  24. Mary says:

    The outcome of this show was pretty obvious from the time that Joan and Annie started having problems. I knew those two would be in the finals because friction between them made the best show. I also thought Joan had it won because she is old time New York
    and Annie was a new name to this type of celebrity. Annie was cheated out of the win
    because Donald didn’t have guts enough to go with the real winner over the old timer.
    It’s time for Joan to retire. She is a mean, grouchy unpleasant old lady who has had her
    day and needs to fade away and do her charity etc things quietly. She also needs some
    kind of a pill to help her control herself. Joan used to be a really funny person now she is
    a pathetic old lady who is unable to see herself the way she realy is now.

  25. rainypups says:

    The only reason Joan Rivers said that she heard Annie’s money was mafia money was as an analogy to Annie saying she heard Joan treated the event planner badly.

  26. Ginger says:

    Well, I must say that this whole season was very disappointing. I didn’t really care for the entire cast. I was very disappointed with the outcome. If Joan Rivers is such a great role model, I will follow in her footsteps. I was so disappointed with the outcome that I will never watch this show again. I could not stand Joan Rivers. She is a crazy old bat who I will never watch or listen to ever again. I’m going to throw out all of my VHSs of her performances (ha, ha I don’t really have any). I didn’t even love to hate her, I just plain hated her.

    I could tell Trump didn’t care for Annie for some reason. I agree, she was all about herself, but at least she was civil in the boardroom. She acted way more professional than Joan.

    I am seriously going to boycott this show because it sucked. I will never watch it again! It is due to air again next year. I hope the ratings plummet.

  27. Joe says:

    NO surprise here, Trump & Rivers are buddies!!!

    Joan Rivers only had 1 job in her life and it was about SCUM by REAL SCUM and she has the nerve to talk about somebody?

    Rivers is NOTHING but a OLD HAS-BEEN that will NEVER be again and her dather is a NOBODY that NEVER was!!!

  28. Tiffany says:

    I will never watch The Apprentice again. I’m appalled that Trump could choose Joan Rivers over Annie Duke. Annie Duke kept her integrity and professionalism ( most of the time! ) while Joan ( and Melissa ) continually degraded Annie and her friends which was absolutely uncalled for. I truly believe that Trump had planned to choose Joan all along.

  29. Luisa says:

    I can not believe what I saw. As much as Annie was full of herself, she got the job done everytime. She is clearly the winner here.

    Joan brought one celebrity, Kathy Griffin after 60 years in the business. How is it possible that someone with such celebrity power brings nada to the table. Her behaviour was an absolute disgust to watch. Trump is despicable….any show he does is banned from this house hold not too mention never will stay at any Trump establishment

    Joan had to use impersonators because nobody cares about her. How can you be such icon and not deliver oodles of celebs for the big event….

    It’s horsecrap I tell ya

  30. Dennis says:

    Trump sold out this time. Last year (and all before), success was the only measure. Piers won by being cold, dominating and more productive than ALL others. So did Annie. Joan Rivers and her bitch daughter were not even 2nd place material.

    The final was rigged from the start. Included the daughter (who admitted to conspiring with mom) to negate Annie winning first choice. Annie then proceeded, as always, to blow the other team completely out of the water with her efforts and donations. She collected $4 for every $1 that Joan Rivers’ team collected. Not even close.

    I agree. I will not watch any more episodes of this show. Hate fixed races. I will not play or stay at any Trump facility. He can call Joan and get a bus load of those cross-dressing homosexuals to take my place.

    What a bullshit production. This show and this network should be boycotted.

    Thanks, Annie. You represented. Trump and Joan used a marked deck and you still won our hearts and admiration.

  31. Lisa says:

    Yes, surprisingly, Annie did let Joan Rivers get to her and put her off her game. I was surprised from the outset that Annie in effect gave the game to Joan by dwelling on her insults and losing the forest for the trees. The important point is that Joan supposedly won on “heart” and stamina. Joan (and Melissa) were obviously unprofessional in personalizing their dislike of Annie. Yet Annie waived the issue by not pointing out to Trump the great discrepancy: if Joan is all heart and charity then what type of person (not a good one) defames the character & reputation to such an extreme degree of another individual based on mere dislike? Joan’s reaction is disturbing in it’s malice no matter how entertaining others may find it. Joan knows the importance of public image and reputation, yet callously injures Annie, who did little more than rub her the wrong way and play the game in a ala Piers manner (which won him accolades at the time). I’m sorry, but nothing excuses this behavior from Joan; it’s rash, scary, extremely uncalled for and actionable. I have to wonder about Joan’s mental balance and how it is that this “good” person gets a sound night of sleep after a hard day’s work of slander!
    Is Annie manipulative? Yes, but she is obviously so; just as she is when she plays poker; and if one is smart enough, it is apparent for everyone to see and defend against. Annie manipulated everyone; not just Joan and Melissa. Yet the rest of the crew were adult enough to take it on the chin and dish it back in a non-personal manner. Joan and Melissa went plain crazy in the manner than only individuals with a sense of over-entitlement do; by throwing childish fits and tantrums. Trump may be smart, but in failed to show it by accepting Joan’s extremist behaviors. Annie may be an egotist, but so is Joan living in her self-ordered world when threatened by someone presumptious enough that “just should not be”! Joan is dangerous when everyone is prepared to excuse her behavior based upon her age and her quote “good?” qualities.
    Trump, after all, did not have to actually hire Joan to work for him as he did previous apprentices. If so, would he have picked Joan? Not by a mile! One can see that Joan only works when the world revolves around her, and not when she has to follow someone else’s “rules of the universe”.So, yes, Joan’s direct TV appeal to his loyalty was a carefully calculated and successful manipulation of Trump (the you and me are the same, wink, wink, appeal) that was much more insidious than Annie’s heavy-handed direction of her crew.
    I will be curious to watch Joan’s future reception in Vegas. However arrogant Annie may be, her limits are constantly set by her underestimation of the intelligence of her opponents; in life as in poker. Joan however, clearly made an error in judgment by blightfully exposing her sense of superiority to and prejudice against “poker players”. And all for what? Fifteen minutes of boasting? My ever-lasting impression will be her lack of class, breeding, and gutter-speak!
    Celebrity Apprentice should be a bittersweet experience of new self-knowledge for both Annie and Joan. In my opinion, Annie is likely to be the only one who will learns a lesson and profits from this show.

  32. Rog says:

    I would like someone to explain how Joan Rivers was “classy” throughout this show. I keep hearing this and it absolutely boggles my mind how some people must have been watching a completely different show than I was.

  33. London says:


    You dumb ass. How do you know anything you are saying is true? You don’t.

    Moving right along, Trumpe fires and berates the one gal who earlier on got fired because he “hates people who drink and drive.” Fine. good enough, but did he have to attack her personally? She was paying back society.

    No more Celebrity for this family. It insults our own notion of fairness and justice when Donald picked Joan without so much as an explanation as to why before the showe ended.

    Hope your ratings go down Donnie!!!

  34. Me says:

    I find it extremely disturbing to see the actions and words of Joan Rivers being condoned by not only Donald Trump being the star/exec producer but also by the creator/exec producer Mark Burnett….Do they not review the footage prior to release?? (you can get a list of show to boycott by googling these names.) I for one would have had her out on her keyster for her astonishing behavior. I still am baffled by how someone who “quit”, stating she would never be coming back, come out as the winner. Was it not infact a main reason one player was fired for in his words this season.. Donald said something to the effect *you volunteered to come in here, you essentially quit and I don’t like quitters!..your fired!* Was this all a set up for ratings…It just floored me and insulted me (noting I am not of any specific faith) I care for all mankind and seriously took offence to Joan’s dramatic use of words. Even if this was staged for ratings, how dare they insult the viewers. I am aware of most products pushed on this show (All detergent, Kodak…etc) I will never be a consumer of any of the products pushed on this series, and will never watch another episode again. I sincerly hope the executives of the products take note of how offensive this series was (due to JOAN) and has now blackened their product for the cosumer. Aligning yourself with a gut twisting snake like Joan Rivers is placing the nail on their own demise and handing the hammer to the consumer, especially in these economic times!!! Annie Duke did have her moments I admit, but while in a business environment she remained calm and collected while under fire from not only one but two players…can anyone say ganged up upon. When both spoke over her continually and Trump not having the professionalism to control his board room and hear out both sides clearly and calmly..gimme a break…RATINGS.RATINGS.RATINGS. Just pure BS!!!
    Furthermore…a note on Jesse James and the semi attack on his lack of use of his wife…did no-one understand he was coming from a blue collar workers point. Trying to play the game for the underdog of the business world…Grats to Jesse for holding his own, and yes he came across at time a little aloof but being a thinker type individual to me..he did a great job under the circumstances. Not a single person on a task with him thought outside the box, and looked at their team mate as an opponent and tried to understand their business sence. They all wanted it their way or the highway. Yes thinking outside the box takes a certain type of thinker and when they do…there is alot more on the outside of the walls of that box that corners you into to be examined. So understanding time is a factor still great ideas come from strong thinkers!!! As a matter of fact Jesse James did win as project manager when given the chance, so for those who thought he should have used his wife….you will never make it outside the box.

  35. Judy says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Before I get started – a comment to ME: The word SENCE is spelled SENSE. But I guess you would have to HAVE some to know how it is spelled. You wrote a lot of “words” about thinking outside the box – most of which made no SENSE at all. You tried to sound like you knew what you were talking about and failed miserably!

    Now, let us all get down to brass tacks about this years CA. The CA show this year was a smashing success because of all the drama!!! This is the PLAIN AND SIMPLE TRUTH.

    Now as far as “class” on the show, the only person that had any was Donald’s daughter – Ivanka – she is a true class act. His son would not know what the word meant if you gave him the definition. Remember the “mermaid suit” comment he made to Brande – kinda’ reminded me of the big Donald before he grew up.

    Now let’s talk about some of the players who made this show such a success:

    Clint Black – I would not pay to see him if the tickets were front row and free. What an arrogant, one-dimensional full-of-himself jerk he is. Whether he was project manager or not, his opinion was the only one that mattered and made sense to him. And when he was project manager, he completely excluded the rest of his team on more than one occasion. And did you see what he did at the main event. Every Kodak picture had HIS picture in it and Joan had to finally remove some of them. Annoying, arrogrant and egotistical would be complimenting him.

    Jesse: A Walking Labotomy.

    Hershel Walker: He knows what he knows, but did not offer up any “unique” ideas.

    Tom – The “Comedian”: I can’t even speak, he annoys me so.

    Dennis – The Basketball Player: DENIAL is his middle name.

    And I have saved my final comments for the very best example (excluding Joan and Annie):

    MELISSA RIVERS: She defines the term “SPOILED BRAT”. She would be nothing without her mother. Everything she is and has done is because she rides her mother’s coat tails. Melissa wins the prize for the biggest bitch on the show – and I cannot stand her.

    The bottom line, folks, is that everyone on the show made mistakes, acted inappropriately and could have done things differently. Whether it was staged or not, that it was gave CA its best season. And BOTH Joan and Annie are guilty of immature, classless behavior. BOTH OF THEM!!!

    And finally, let’s not forget the real winners here – The Charities.

  36. Ginger says:

    Judy – I agree that the entire cast was bad. What you are wrong about is that this was the best season for CA. I didn’t like how it was played out all along and what broke the final straw was his final decision to make Joan the Celebrity Apprentice. I didn’t find Joan’s behavior or Trumps inconsistencies to be entertaining at all. I have read so many posts where people write that they will never watch the show again. I’m one of them. I don’t consider that a success. Trump may not see the damage he has done yet, but it will show next season.

  37. CyKick says:

    It is very obvious that Joan Rivers did NOT WIN,
    it was handed to her.
    Joan has a new televison series starting that is produced by the same people who produce Celebrity Apprentice.

    I certainly won’t watch again!


  38. marty says:

    The only people against Annie Duke and in favor of Botox Rivers are jealous people like my girlfriend is. Probably some stupid dumb blond not worth talking about. They just can’t stand that some people are sooooo above them. Annie is the Queen of the crop, the ace of spades, period.

  39. Moe says:

    How ironic River’s charity is called God’s love we deliver.

  40. Showtime says:

    Ohmygoodness…Its hard to be wrong about everything, but somehow you managed just fine. You are a jealous, jealous person and I suggest you get help.

    Annie Duke is 10x the person you will ever be…

  41. Judy says:

    If Showtime is saying that Annie Duke is 10x the person “I” will ever be, then how wrong are you? – How could you possibly make a statement like that about me or anyone else you have never met?

    As for my comments, if they were read with the same intelligence and they were writte you would see that I am neither for nor against either of them.

    However, this is the POKER NEWS DAILY, so I have to give some lehway considering that most of the people writing on this site are bias towards the element Annie comes from.

    But you know the old saying, “You lie down with dogs, you get up with Annie Duke…I mean fleas”.

    I wonder Annie is going to feel about herself when her children start getting teased – Hey, I heard your mom say on TV that she gives a great blow job?

  42. Susan says:

    Annie deserved to win but I knew the gutter mouth Rivers who had well placed transvestites in the audience to win a popularity contest would win. I think Annie had great courage to challenge Rivers. No one dared because of the abuse you’d have to take from that gutter mouth. This may have been the first time ever Rivers was challenged and couldn’t take it – hence the gutter mouth. Celebrity Apprentice rewards gutter mouths. I’m very disappointed. Donald Trump is afraid of his own shadow.

  43. Truth says:

    How is it that no one mentions that Donald Trump’s Sister in law, or ex sister in law Blaine TRUMP is on the Board of Directors for God’s Love We Deliver A 10 million plus a year charity located in New York City, with pictures of her and Joan rivers with their arms over each others shoulders, together on the 2007 and 2008 company pamplets.

  44. Tony says:

    Both women had their flaws but Annie out produced and anyone who says she is just a poker player is an idiot. To win in the Apprentice a person needs to have leaderships skills, sales and marketing skills and regardless of her flaws Annie never failed to step up. Joan also stepped up but she was Evil, she also QUIT halfway through the game and as the saying goes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Both her and daughters tirade when her daughter was fired should be an embarrasement to to both of them, anyone ever hear the saying quitters never win? I guess thats not the case here ….

    Joan Rivers is a funny lady but should be deeply ashamed for all of her personal, nasty attacks during the show. I agree, Annie would have lost regardless due to Trumps relationship with the Evil old lady …..

  45. Dave says:



  46. Diana says:

    I was so happy that Joan Rivers won! Annie Duke is a real bitch and certainly not the type of person I would associate with! She is a gambler. I do not consider gambling a profession! In order to gain any respect from me she would have to earn an honest days living and punch a clock like the American Public who watches the Apprentice. Joan Rivers may have flaws but she is more in touch with the real world than Annie Duke will ever be! Annie will be forgotten tomorrow and no one will remember her name when they do her obituary, but the world will remember and mourn Joan Rivers. Joan has had real accomplishments, Annie wow palyes cards, big deal!

  47. Sharon Boone says:

    I hear all the trash you people talk about what Joan did. I challenge all of you to hire Annie to work at your place of employment. No one in there right mind would hire a snake in his bossom like that. She doesn’t have integrity or respect. I know for a fact none of you would hire her. I know I wouldn’t. The woman she is has been shown all over the world. You all are suckers if you can see the forest for the trees in this woman.

  48. Sharon Boone says:

    Donald fired her because she has no loyalty. He will fire anyone who is not loyal to him or his companny. So he based his decision on loyalty not scaming

  49. Marnie says:

    The question to be asked is who would you want to work for you? There is no doubt that Joan deserved this position as she far more amiable than trailer trash Annie Duke and Brandi dim wit bimbo! It was actually hilarious how the show had to obviously edit takes to try to make Brandi appear remotely mediocre…this poor girl is really dumb but that ain’t necessarily a bad thing according to her way of getting what she needs in this world. Back to Annie….this tramp is awful, manipulative, ugly and yes she may have an analytical mind which helps in her poker pursuits and planning events; however, the person Annie was evidently from the first show – an undeniable hanger-on, wannabe….I had never heard of her before this show and during the show, you would have thought she was the Queen of England. Joan could be hard to take, but it was evident from her demeanor that Joan at least has class (and that is a compliment considering her forte-comedy). Joan is tremendously smart and knows how to manage and lead but that smarmy Annie was so totally a two faced bitch. I could not stand watching the show because of Annie. this is not the kind of person you would want working for you or you would not want to work for her either. Either you would be too stupid like Brandi to figure out that Annie has no heart-good will intent and that you would be used for everything you had in order to promote Annie’s agenda or you would be smarter than Annie and use her without her figuring that one out and then drop her like a bomb on hiroshima.

  50. Ron says:

    There are some real morons wiritng on here that should go back to grammar school..

    JUDY: Did you re-read your article that you stated was written with intelligence?

    MAMIE: I do not have a clue what show you were watching if you think ole Hatchet-Face botox-strectched Rivers has class.. Did you see the a– she made of herself countless times, like if you do not paly my way, I am going to take my toys and go home.. Her immature little b—- of a daughter cannot do anything but whine and hang on to Mommy’s coat tail… You can certianly tell this little pampered winch never had a flather influence in her life.. QUESTION? It sounds like you have a hard-on for poker players, why are you nosing around this site then?

    I was a fan of Johnny Carson and could not stand the evil b—- back then…. If NBC’s ratings were not in the tank, i am quite certain they would replace the ole heifer. Of course, her daughter is the biggest c— the show has ever had.

    I am with most of you who have commented, I will never watch anything with the mug of Trump or Rivers on it ever again… Wait until you see how terrible the ratings are on her new show… Who the H would give this old broad another show…

    BUT WHAT I WANT TO KNOW, how many times does ole River’s shows have to fail before the networks realize she is has been that never was…. Melissa can’t even get a real job without Mommy… If they are still on the RED CARPET, some loony liberal in Hollywoood is more dishonest than Trump’s decision….

    Trumpy’s sister-in-law is on the baord of hatchet-face’s charity….

    That said,when I saw the ads for Joans new show I knew that Trump had his hand in the pocket of her new show.

    Then again, I knew that the old rip was willing to do anything for a buck she keeps trying to be a wannabe buisneswoman after all. Neither her or Trumpy give a flying fart if they punk a few million people along the way.

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