UB held a contest on their site to find the craziest last longer prop bets. The two guys that won, Justin and Gregg, agreed to get the hand that busted them out of the tournament tattooed to their body along with the UB logo. The kicker in the prop bet is that the loser also had to find someone to get married to right on the Las Vegas Strip. Poker News Daily received exclusive access to what has to be one of the weirder stories to come out of the 2010 World Series of Poker as we followed them from the UB Suite at the Rio in Las Vegas to the tattoo parlor in a seedy part of Las Vegas Boulevard. Watch in fascinated horror as we interview the guys before the deed is done, see the tattoo being created and finally, see the finished artwork.


  1. juiceeQ says:

    Yeah, but did he find a wife? Him combing the strip for a bride would have been some awesome programming!

  2. Durgan19 says:

    This was genious.. funny and Sean Gibson is always entertaining to watch. Kudos!

  3. scottygloves says:

    that’s my boy!

  4. Chappel says:

    What a couple of douchebags

  5. Justin749 says:

    He is currently engaged and there will be more to follow…He found the girl in Vegas, and we will be finishing the bet.

  6. Maria Del Mar says:

    Great news! Please keep us posted so we can send the video crew!
    Maria – PND Editor

  7. Justin749 says:

    Gregg may have found a way to buy himself out of the bet…We may go double or nothing in the Florida Poker Championship, Day 1a starts August 6th. We will keep you posted on the stakes.

  8. Justin749 says:

    Here is the link for the video of the proposal at the UB party at the Mandarin Bar in the Mandarin Oriental at City Center.

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