Starting Off Your New Poker Year Correctly


Earl Burton - Jan 3rd

Whether you are a professional or just a casual player, the start of a new year wipes the slate clean for everyone involved in poker. Everyone’s reset back to zero as to winnings, there’s a fresh [...]

When There’s Three Bets, Slow It Down

category Earl Burton - Jul 18th

One of the things that I noticed at this year’s World Series of Poker was the amount of action that was going on pre-flop on some hands. Players were laying out three, four, even as much as sev [...]

Using Obvious Plays to Your Benefit

category Jeremy Miller - Feb 20th

There are certain situations where it can be more than beneficial to take obvious plays and turn them into your favor. Have you ever called down a bet that was so clearly a bluff only for yo [...]

Scientific American Picks Up Poker’s “Skill Versus Luck” Argument

category Earl Burton - Aug 31st

It is a question that has been debated since probably the dawn of the game of poker (whether you believe it was invented in Turkey, France, Louisiana or on the riverboats of the Mississippi [...]

Decisions In Poker Based On Circumstances…The Hansen/Deeb “Big One” Agreement

category Earl Burton - Jul 29th

The world of poker sometimes presents mind-boggling conundrums that even the most brilliant astrophysicist would have trouble wrapping his or her big brain around. The World Series of Poker [...]

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